Wyandotte Woods, Yellow Course


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An old area with a new map was the theme for the meet. OLOU has sponsored
several rogaines at this location but this, I believe, was the first regular
cross-country meet.

A new 1:10,000 scale map was made from the USGS quad and consequently there
is a lot of detail that is missing from the map that you would expect to see
on a standard orienteering map. I thought the meet was a great opportunity
to practice orienteering using "big" features.

We had a really nice turnout with 68 participants from all over KY, IN and

Special thanks to Carla Striegel for inviting us, the super hospitality and
the history lessons!

-Dan Mattingly

Name							Time		Club/School
Jim Carter 						0:49:20 	OLOU
Kyle Kollstedt 					0:55:45 	ROKS
Brad McKinney 					0:55:45
Mary Hamilton 					0:59:55 	OLOU
Jacob Cates/Jacob Atkins 				1:06:52 	MNNHS
Taylor Orpurt/Katherine Ellis/Jordan Smart 	1:07:00 	MNNHS
Chris Bell 						1:10:00
Derrick Christian/Jake McKnight 			1:12:14 	MNNHS
Mike Beal/Devan Lees/Gary Sommer
Andrew Henckle/Lee Allen 				1:14:25 	FCHS
John Carlson/James Pearson 			1:20:50 	MNNHS
Seth Martin/Brent Huddleston/Andrew McFadden 1:24:48 	MNNHS
Michael Smart/Brock Campbell 			1:27:25 	MNNHS
Steve Socha/Suzy Socha 				1:36:00 	OLOU
Janis Dean/Massie Schmidt 			1:53:20 	OLOU
Craig Kramer/A.J. Kramer 				1:54:00 	OLOU
Joe Haist 						2:07:00
Martina Temple 					2:15:20
Jim Sparkman/Erin Woodward 			2:17:21
Doris Herp/Paul Vice 				2:26:00 	OLOU
Jennifer Tullis 					2:54:00 	ICO
Wes Badger/Sarah Davis/Erin Forte 		3:00:00
Will Son/ Branson Hall 				DNF
Gary Potter / Nicholas Potter 			DNF
Dave Faller 						DNF
Jeff Hamilton/Noah Hamilton 			DNF

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