Louisville Urban-O 2006


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			   Orienteering in the Summertime: 2006 Urban-O

    The 4th annual Urban-O held on July 22, 2006 brought 33 orienteers to Waterfront Park
in downtown Louisville.  This event featured a score-o format with a mass start and a three-hour
time limit to find 30 control locations scattered throughout the downtown area.  

    Since it would be impractical (some would say imprudent) to hang controls and punches
in an urban setting, I required participants to answer a brief trivia question for each control
site.  The trivia question served two purposes.  One was to provide a clue to help participants
find the designated location.  The second purpose was to provide proof that the participant
found the correct location since it was necessary to visit there to answer the question.  

    I try to select sites with historical, cultural, or news value.  Anything unusual is also likely
to catch my attention.  Someone asked me where I find my control sites.  It’s actually a year-around
process.  I am constantly looking in Louisville newspapers and history books for potential sites.
In May or June each year I walk every inch of downtown Louisville to scout for possible control
sites.  It’s not unusual for me to stop and talk to property owners or tenants to supplement my
information.  When you put it all together, you get an event that promotes physical fitness,
orienteering skills, and an appreciation of Louisville’s history.

    The first finisher was Chris Gerstle with a time of 83:15.  Chris found all 30 controls.  

    The remaining finishers are listed below:  Steven Burnhart and Sharron Summers (84:10),
Gerald Yip (found all 30 controls in 88:18), Dan Mattingly (91:45), Mike Bowen (found all 30
controls in 95:17), Terry Clark and Brian Denton (99:18), Noah Hamilton (105:08), Sam McAleese
and Alex McKinney (110:15), Michael Clancey (112:35), Jim Carter (121:53), Roger Dowden (131:10),
Dave Hunt (133:57), Shawn Smith and Vanessa Smith (153:51), Lynn Farrell (154: 51), Mardo
Brink, Carol Finck, and Laura Spiegelhalter (166:13), John Mann and Cheree Mann (164:38),
Nicole Candler, Rob Candler, Richard Venhoff, Earlene Venhoff (176: 13), Nancy Logan (179:46),
Charles Baker (180:18), Ray Hart (192:05), Joey Goldsmith, Jason Banta, and Bobby Edrington

    I want to thank all participants.  Your support of orienteering and OLOU is very much
appreciated.  I also want to thank John Mann for his help with event publicity, and Bruce
Moore who helped with administrative tasks.

    We’ll do it again in the second half of July 2007.  Check back to the OLOU web site for
additional information.  See you then!

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