9 AUGUST 2008


This event features a three-hour score-o format with 30 control sites scattered throughout downtown Louisville.  The start and finish were at Waterfront Park in downtown Louisville.  The star of this year's meet was the weather!  Anytime you find cool temperatures and low humidity in Kentucky in August, you know you have a winning formula.

No controls or punches are used on the Urban-O course since most sites are on private property.  Instead, each participant is given a pre-marked map and a clue sheet.  The clue sheet provides a hint concerning the location they are seeking and lists a trivia question that can only be answered by visiting the spot.  Answering the trivia question proves that the Orienteer visited the correct spot.           

Twenty-six Orienteers crossed the start line at 9 AM with maps and clue sheets in hand.  Twenty-five traveled on foot and one on a bicycle.  ( Since this is a recreational meet, the rules are very liberal.)  My goals for participants is for them to have fun, get some exercise, visit interesting and scenic spots, and to promote downtown Louisville.  

I want to thank all participants who came out to the meet.  I sincerely hope that everyone had a good time.  Special thanks go to Dan Mattingly for his help in updating the map and to Jim Carter for his help in running the start and finish lines.  Look for the seventh annual Urban-O in the summer of 2009.  See you then.

All participants, with the exception of Alison and Lucy Torpey, found 30 controls.  In fairness to the Torpeys, they left the course early due to a work commitment. 

Participants                                                                           Time

Chris Gerstle                                                                       1:08:05

Doug & Diana Keefe and Jane Koch                                 1:21:24

Laura Ferguson and Mike Bouen                                       1:24:40

Alison and Lucy Torpey                                                       1:25:29

Carson Torpey                                                                      1:30:03

Winning Team, featuring Terry Clark, et al                        1:34:48

Francine and Koos Hagg                                                       1:39:58

Joseph Goldsmith & team                                                     1:53:29

Jeff and Mary Hamilton                                                        2:01:24    

Ken Kling                                                                                2:09:43

Dan Mattingly                                                                         2:16:45

Jessica Wallers and Dan Cassin                                            2:25:52

Lynn Farrell                                                                             2:34:38

Nancy Logan and Linda Graham                                            2:43:05