5 June 2007: Hogan's Fountain


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The second Tuesday Evening Sprint welcomed 15 beginners, two second-timers returning from
last week as well as 10 experienced club members.  All of these competitors bravely came out after 
the storm showers blew through leaving the air cooler although plenty damp.  Once again, everyone 
finished in less than 45 minutes.  Next Thursday the venue for the Tuesday night sprint moves to 
the pavilion atop Baringer (or Dog) Hill.  Hopefully some of the observers who took home brochures 
will come back next week to give orienteering a try.

Two courses were offered: 1.8 km with 17 controls and 1.2 km with 14 controls.  Three women, 
five men and seventeen competitors in groups ran the regular course.  Dan Mattingly was first overall 
and Shelley Pennington was the fastest woman and second overall.  Three women and one man went 
on the short recreational course.  Caitlin Rhodes came in first, courtesy of her host Annie Darst.

Thanks to everyone that came out!  Special thanks to Alison Ewart for putting out controls, 
to Ken Kling for picking up controls and to John Mann for running the start and finish lines with me.

Paul Vice

Meet Director


6/5/2007 Sprint Results

Regular Course - 1.8 km



1.  Shelley Pennington            18:32
2.  Mary Hamilton                   26:14
2.  Helen Hagg                          26:14 (friend of Mary Hamilton)


1.  Dan Mattingly                      15:25
2.  Louis Smith                         20:08
3.  Jeff Hamilton                       20:38
4.  Doug Keefe                           22:37
DNF: John Thomas


1.  Bob and Derrich Stauble                  26:17
2.  Ken, Janet, Heidi & Nolan Kling     37:51
3.  Jennifer Anneken, Dennis Smith,
    Jo Herald & Todd Gillenwater          38:18 (invited by Alison Ewart)
DNF: Don Feeney and Phyllis Lewis

     Chance School?? (Scott Morris, Aaron Morris,

      Trevor Pardon, Patrick Torpey and Griffin Ward)

Recreational Course - 1.3 km

1.  Caitlin Rhodes                        18:10   (guest of Annie Darst)
2.  Annie Darst                             18:13
3.  Don Feeney & Phyllis Lewis  19:43 (tried both courses this week)

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