26 June 2007: Cochran Hill


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Tuesday night, 26 June, 29 of Louisville's "finest" orienteerers
gathered at Cherokee Park for the 5th in the series of the weekly sprint
meets.  Arnie Franklin, meet director, set a very nice 2.1 km course that
was a "tad" more difficult than the previous 4 meets.  This was by design,
since the orienteers were now "experienced" in finding their way around
Cherokee Park.  A few runners found the stinging nettle around the 1st two
controls, but all in all, the runners found the course to be enjoyable.  Dan
Mattingly smoked the course (AGAIN) in 18:54.  Mary Hamilton finished a
close 2nd, with a time of 25:00.  Mary's dad, Jeff was right behind with a
time of 27:10.  The complete list of the runners is provided below.
Thanks to Burr for helping set the controls and for manning the finish line.
Also, thanks to Sherry for helping with registration.

Results  6/26/07

1.  Dan Mattingly                    18:54
2.  Mary Hamilton                  25:00 1F
3.  Jeff Hamilton                     27:10
4.  Douglas Keefe                     27:39
5.  Josh Underwood-Crain      29:51
6.  Louie Smith                       30:25
7.   Matthew Willey                33:12
8.  Jim Carter                          34:15
9.  Shannon Smith                  41:00   2F
10. Patrick Torpey                  63:58
  Trevor Pardon                       DNF
  Laura Thomas                       DNF
  Griffin Ward                          DNF
  Scott Morris                          DNF


Kling Bassett (group of 4)            43:43
Ron & Rachel Gereden                 44:29
Christian  & Evelyn Juckett        58:00
Alex & Cindy Stephens                 58:45
Amy, Megan, & Ashley Brangers  61:46
Joanne  & Tim Mensing               69:45

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