12 June 2007: Barringer Hill


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A few years ago there was a rap "artist" (back before it was so raunchy) named MC Hammer.  His
signature song was called "Can't Touch This".  Tuesday evening, Dan Mattingly preformed his own
rendition of that piece but he did it on the orienteering sprint course.   For the second week in a
row, Dan dominated the sprint.  Last evening he turned in a blistering 14:10 over the 1.9km course
in Cherokee Park.  Second place went to, Louis Smith III (a younger, handsomer and faster version of
me) who clocked in at 18:04.  A rapidly improving Jeff Hamilton took 3rd in 19:10 with Paul Vice in
4th at 19:31.  Annie Darst was the first on the female side.

After having competed in the first two sprints, I was the meet director of the June 12th event.
The meet attracted almost 40 competitors, including about a dozen first timers.  We almost ran out
of maps.  I had to go into my truck and pull out the control hanging copies of the map.  The most
interesting newcomers were the 15 or so high school boys, from several high schools;  Brown School,
Manual, St. X, Trinity, South East Christian and others.  The last starter didn't leave the starting
line until  a few minutes after 8.

The Barringer Hill location proved to be a pretty good place for the sprints.  There is a big open
area for the start and finish which is nice for spectators.  The first two controls were  observable
from the start and you could see the competitors heading for number 3.  The control placements were
also pretty easy.  Most of the route choices were obvious although there were a few choices on three
or four of them.  One route choice that I hadn't expected involved two of the high school boys who
waded through a waist high creek which was about 20 meters shorter than running a trail to a bridge.

I want to thank Arnie for helping me hang controls and handle the start, Sherry for doing the
registration, Ken and Jeff for picking up controls and Jim for offering moral support.  I also want
to thank Annie Darst for sending Terry Meiners an email inviting him to the meet even though he
didn't show up.  Also to be mentioned is Ken Kling who has talked a half dozen or so people into
coming to the meets.

Louie Smith

Sprint Results from 6/12

1. Annie Darst               38:28

1.  Dan Mattingly	       14:10
2.  Louis Smith III		18:04
3. Jeff Hamilton		19:10
4. Paul Vice			   19:31
5. Mike Bowen		       25:23
6. Jim Carter			  28:28
7. Christian Juckett	      36:14
8.  Scott Morris		 53:00

1. Keefe & Bironas          20:21
2. Morris & Rivera          23:10
3. Smith, Donnally,
     Doe & Curtis              28:10
4. Tod & Jen                    35:48
5. Moore, Tuell & Ball    35:15
6. Griffin & Ward            37:15
7. Team Ken                    39:22
8. Underwood &
       Pardon                     43:58
 Steve & Clair
     Willey                        DNF
 Four with no card          DNF
  whose names I do
  not have.

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