29 May 2007: Hogan's Fountain


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The first Tuesday Evening Sprint was lightly attended but still offered a large ration of fun.  A
dozen club members came out to race and brought 3 newcomers with them.

Meet Director Dan Mattingly produced a nice course;  just under 2 km with 20 controls.   He also had
a shorter course that knocked off 7 of the controls.  There were 8 individuals on the long course
and 1 group on the short course.  Shelley Pennington was first overall in 19:58.

A number of runners observed the competition, one of whom stopped by to find out what we were doing.

5/28 Sprint Results
1.9 km

1.  Shelley Pennington		19:58
2.  Mary Hamilton		   28:06

1.  Louis Smith                    21:16
2.  Douglas Keefe                 24:25
3.  Jeff Hamilton                  25:11
4.  Phil Adkins                     26:30
5.  Paul Vice                         27:28
6.  Mike Bowen                    36:33
7.  Jim Carter                      43:15

Ken Kling & Winslow Hale                     37:18

   Short Course
Don Feeney, Alison Ewart, and Phyllis Lewis	33:50

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