3 May - 6 September 2016

Summer Tuesday Night Sprint Series

Starts from 6:00pm - 7:30pm.  Control pickup starts just after 7:30pm.

3 May.  Ashland Park.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.

10 May.  Thurman Hutchens.  Meet Director is Shannon Ludwig.

17 May.  McNeely Lake.  North side.  Meet Director is Laurie Biship.

24 May.  Lapping Park.  Flatwood.  Meet Directors are Alison and Carson Torpey.

31 May.  EP Tom Sawyer.  Hurstbourne Ave.  Meet Directors are Rich Mazzoli and Jim Carter.

7 June.  Cherokee Park.  Registration/start location will be disclosed at a later date.  2 courses.  Meet Director is Bruce Moore.

14 June.  U of L Campus.  Clock tower.  Meet Director is Ben King.

21 June.  Lapping Park.  Silver Creek.  Meet Director is Aaron Smith.

28 June.  McNeely Lake.  Horse Parking Lot.  Meet Director is Louie Smith.

5 July.    No meet scheduled.

12 July.  EP Tom Sawyer.  Hurstbourne Ave.  Meet Director is Chris Gerstle.

19 July.  Champions East.  Meet Director is Ryan Dunlap.

26 July.  Waterfront Park.  Meet Director is Emily Roach.

2 August.  Girl Scout Headquarters.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.

9 August.  Cherokee Park.  Near Archery.  Meet Director is Steven Gravatte

16 August.  EP Tom Sawyer.  Admin building.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.

23 August.  Ashland Park.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.

30 August.  Cox Park.  Micro Sprint.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.

10 September.  Frankfort.  Start TBD.  Chase The Rabbit.  Meet Director is Dan Mattingly.


27 August 2016

Slugger Field.  Urban O.  Details below.  Meet Director is Chris Gerstle.

Start/Finish in northeast corner of Slugger Field's Parking lot, near the billboard.
Meet around 8:30 AM to receive briefing and map.
$5 for members & students, $10 for non-members

1. There are 30 controls on this course. You do NOT have to access them in any particular order. The controls are all worth one point. 
2. There are NO orienteering controls or punches on the course. Use your map and clues to find the marked locations. If you are at the right location, you will find information needed to answer the trivia question on your clue sheet. You must correctly answer the question to get credit. Write down the answer on your clue sheet. Spelling and other minor errors will be overlooked.
3. There are no"official" water stops other than the start/finish location. Beverages can be purchased from restaurants, gas stations and stores on the course. Public water fountains and restrooms are available near Waterfront Park, at Louisville Slugger Museum at 800 West Main Street, at Fourth Street Live, and at the Louisville Free Public Library.
4. The meet will start at approximately 9 am. It will end exactly three hours after the mass start. For example, if the meet starts at 9:05 am, it will end at 12:05 pm. One point will be deducted from your score for each minute that you are late.
5. Regardless of when you finish, you MUST report to the finish area so that we can mark you as being off the course (and not worry your family when we call to report that you are missing).
6. Waterfront Park has a wading area that you can use to cool off after orienteering.
7. Please obey all traffic laws. REMEMBER, vehicle drivers do not share the sense of urgency that you feel in getting to the next control location.
8. If you have an emergency, call 911. If you have problems NOT involving an emergency, call my cell phone (given day of event).
9. Occasionally, you may encounter a panhandler. Any time you open your purse, reach for your wallet or pull money from your pockets, you place yourself in a "risky" situation. Consider donations to charitable organizations instead.
10. Thank you for coming to the 2016 Urban-O. Have fun and be careful.  And DON'T BE LATE to the finish--you will lose points!


17 September

Tom Wallace Lake Park in the Jefferson Forest.  (Location changed on 22 August)  Training Meet.  Details can be found here.  Meet Director is Louie Smith.

1 October 2016

Rough River State Resort ParkNational Orienteering Day.  Beginner Course: 1.3KM, 8 controls.  Intermediate Course: 2.5 KM, 11 controls.  Short Advanced Course:  3.2 KM, 13 controls.  Long Advanced Course:  7.2 KM, 24 controls.  All times CDT.  Registration opens at 9am. Starts from 10:00am – 11:30am.  Ribbons to top High School Finishers.  Some small prizes to the top finishers on Long Advanced Course.   Everyone back in by 2pm. Control pickup starts at 2pm.  (I expect some will want to do more than one course.)  Meet Director is Ken Kling.

5 November 2016

EP Tom Sawyer.  2-hour Night O.  Details to follow.  Meet Director is Carl Christy.


3 December 2016

Taylorsville Lake State Park.  Ohio Valley Scholastic Championships.  Full range of courses (Yellow to Blue) for those not in the scholastic championships.  All times EST.  Registration opens at 10am.  Starts from 11:00am - 1:00pm.  More details to follow.  Meet Director is Ken Kling


1 Jan - 26 Mar 2017

Winter Tues Night Sprint Series

 Details to follow.

Jan 1                           #1                                St Matthews CC   Meet Director is Laurie Bishop.         

Jan 8                           #2 and #3                    Shawnee Park    Meet Director is Bruce Moore.  

Jan 15                         ****No Meet  GNC and MLK Day****

Jan 22                         #4 & #5                        Waverly Park   Meet Directors are Carson & Alison Torpey.            

Jan 29                         #6                                Waterfront Park   Meet Director is Shannon Ludwig.

Feb 5                           #7 and #8                    Cherokee Park  Meet Director is Ben King.

Feb 12                         #9                                George Rogers Clark Park.  Meet Directors are Laura Ferguson & Mike Bowen.

Feb 19                         #10 and #11                EP Sawyer Park.  Shelter by the main EPSawyer entrance.  Meet Director is Carl Christy.

Feb 26                         #12 & 13                       Parklands of Floyds Fork.  Meet Director is Louis Smith 3.

Mar 5                          #14 & #15                      Lapping Park.  Meet Director is Aaron Smith.

Mar 12                        NO MEET

Mar 19                        #16                               Creasey Mahan.  Meet Director is  Ryan Dunlap.

Mar 26                        Chase the Penguin    Cherokee Park.  Meet Director is TBD.


7 January 2017

 Camp Barren Ridge.  Race to the Island.  3 Hour Score-O with a time trial available if you clear the Score- O.  BUT you must be totally done with both levels in 3 hours.  There are "Race to the Island" prizes, but your first control punched must be the Island control.  The Prizes are retro-Tshirts (limited sizes available). All times CST. Registration starts at 9am.  Mass start at 10am, briefing shortly before the start. Everyone back by 1:00pm. Meet Director is Ken Kling.


28 January 2017

Iroquois Park.  Hills and Thorns.  Details to follow.  Meet Director is Ben King.


25 February 2017

Bernheim Forest.  Standard O Meet.  Details to follow.  Meet Director is Paul Vice.


11 March 2017

Otter Creek.  Mad Otter.  Details to follow.  Meet Director is Bruce Moore.