18/19 April 2015

     Deam Lake.  (Updated 10 April) Saturday:  Standard cross country format.  Registration at the southern shelter (Buzzard's Roost) just inside park entrance near the dam, starting at 9am.  Starts between 10am - 12pm.    Sunday:  Score-O format.  Registration opens at 9am, with mass start at 11am.  2-hr Score-O.  Meet Directors are Louis Smith III and Aaron Smith.


16 May 2015

     Bernheim Forest (Note that this is a change in location.)  (Posted 3/27/15) Standard cross country format, with Yerllow, Orange, Brown, Green, and Red courses.  Stand by for times and exact location of registration within Bernheim Forest.    Meet Director is Emily Roach 


5 May - 25 August 2015


      9th Annual Tuesday Night Summer Sprint Series.  Participation has increased every year, and we expect this year to be no different.  Some new locations, and several new meet directors.  Time to get excited!!  Start times:  6pm, except 5:30pm on 2 June, since there will be two courses offered.  Last start at 7:15pm at all locations, with control pickup starting at 7:30pm.  $2 for members and juniors, $3 for non-members.  Overall ranking will be computed.  Details to follow.  See weekly schedule below:


1 August 2015

     Camp Stem.  Bike and Foot meet.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.