5 May - 25 August 2015


      9th Annual Tuesday Night Summer Sprint Series.  Participation has increased every year, and we expect this year to be no different.  Some new locations, and several new meet directors.  Time to get excited!!  Start times:  6pm, except 5:30pm on 2 June, since there will be two courses offered.  Last start at 7:15pm at all locations, with control pickup starting at 7:30pm.  $2 for members and juniors, $3 for non-members.  Overall ranking will be computed.  Details to follow.  See weekly schedule below:

One more Sprint Meet. However, this one is quite a bit different.  Read the details:  This will be held on the Tuesday after the last scheduled Sprint and will NOT count towards the regular standings. It will, however, be an Award event itself. It is really a Handicap Chase Sprint race. You will take your average time over this past summer (at least 8 average) The highest average time will start first with the lowest average time starting last. Here is an exampleMary Wallace has an average time of 15 mins over the season. Laurie N Branden Bishop has an average of 20 mins. Emily Roach has an average of 21 mins.  Emily would have a 1 minute head start over Laurie and a 6 min head start over Mary. Whoever crosses the finish line first wins. This would not be just 3 people, of course, but anyone that has participated in 8 of our Sprint meets. We will award 1st through 3rd place awards for male and female finishers. This should be a great equalizer and anyone stands a fair chance of winning.  Note: You will have assigned start times so you have to be there on time. We will announce the start times prior to the Meet. This meet is also open to those who do not qualify or just don't want to race. The course will be slightly different for the recreational participants.


29 August 2015

(Date changed 5/18/15.) Urban O.  Louisville Slugger Field Parking Lot. 

After a two year hiatus, the eleventh annual Urban-O Meet will hit downtown Louisville.  The meet is from 9 a.m. to noon and starts and ends in Slugger Field’s parking lot, near the intersection of Witherspoon Street and I-65. Briefings/instructions/map distribution will begin at 8:30 a.m.; clue sheet distribution at start.

 There are NO orienteering controls or punches on the course. Participants will be looking for certain buildings and historical or unique landmarks. Use your map and clues to find the marked locations. If you are at the right location, you will find information needed to answer the trivia question on your clue sheet. You must correctly answer the question to get credit.

 Bring water and reading glasses (if you need them).  Use sunscreen, dress for weather and wear good walking/running shoes.  The fee is $5 for club members and students, and $10 for non-members.  Meet Director is Chris Gerstle.


12 September 2015 (Updated 2 Sept)
Rough River State Resort Park.  National Orienteering Day Event.  3 courses.  Start times 10 - 12 CDT.  Do one course or all three.  Sprint A: 1.2 KM, 9 controls (White – Beginner); Sprint B: 1.8 KM, 9 controls (Yellow); and a Brown Course, 3.3 KM, 11 controls.  The Brown course requires full battle gear, since you will encounter brush, thorns, poison ivy and bugs. [Sprint A and Sprint B can also be run backwards, if you need more practice]. Starts are from the shelter near the main lodge.  Follow the orienteering signs.  Meet director is Ken Kling



26 September 2015

Horine area in the Jefferson Memorial Forest.  (Location changed as of 5/21/15)  Training meet.  We will have a detailed beginner training session, where we will cover basic map reading and compass skills.  You will learn how to orient your map, as well as, learn the symbols used on the standard orienteering map.  You will also get an opportunity to go out on a Yellow course.  For more advanced orienteers, you will learn skills that will aid in completing more advanced orienteering courses (Orange, Brown, Green, Red and Blue).  Topics will include attack points, aiming off, route selection, pace counting, contouring, and relocating.  Meet director is Louis Smith.

23, 24, 25 October 2015

A meets: 

23 October:  Big Bone Lick State Park.  Middle distance.  Starts are 2 - 4 EDT.  Meet director is Mike Minium.

24 October:  Taylorsville Lake State Park.  Long distance.  Starts are 10 - 12 EDT.  Meet director is Ken Kling.

25 October:  Taylorsville Lake State Park.  Middle distance.  Starts are 9 - 11 EDT.  Meet director is Bruce Moore.

7 November 2015

EP Tom Sawyer (permission pending).  2-hr night Score-O.  Start time: civil sunset.  Meet director is Emily Sellers.

5 December 2015

Camp Crooked Creek (Permission Pending).  (Meet added as of 5/21/15) Standard cross country format.  Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, and Red courses.  Details to follow.  Meet directors are Louis Smith & Laurie Bishop.

9 January 2016

Camp Barren Ridge.  3-hr Score-O format, with a time trial.  All times CST.  Registration starts at 9am.  Mass start at 10am.  An additional time trial (for added points) if you clear the course before the 3-hr time limit.  Map updated and enlarged.  Meet director is Ken Kling.


XX February 2016

Iroquois Park (permission pending).  Mass start--short, medium, and long course.  Details pending.  Meet director is Ben King.

12/13 March 2016

Otter Creek.  Two-day event.  All times EST.  Saturday: Standard cross country courses (White thru Red), including Ohio Valley Scholastic Championships.  Sunday: 6-hr Rogaine.  Details for both days to follow.  Meet director is Bruce Moore.

XX April 2016

Deam Lake:  4-hr Score-O.  Details to follow.  Meet directors are Aaron Smith and Louis Smith III.