3 Jan - 20 March 2016

Winter Sprint Series

*All meet starts are on Sunday from 2-3:30pm with the exception of the Final Meet on March 12  (Saturday Morning from 10am--Noon).

* These courses will be slightly longer than the summer meet courses.

*Stand by for updates to schedule.    

Jan 3:  Cherokee Park (Dog Hill).  (Early Sprint Clinic Starts at Noon).  Meet Director:  Ben King 

Jan 10:  U of L (Belknap Campus) .  Meet Director:  Lloyd Vest

Jan 17:  OFF.  Georgia Navigator/MLK Weekend   

Jan 24:  Brown Park.  Meet Director:  Laurie Bishop

Jan 31:  George Rogers Clark.  Meet Director:  Emily Roach

Feb 7:  Shawnee Park. 2 Courses.  Meet Director:  Bruce Moore

Feb 14:  EP Tom Sawyer Park.  Meet Director:  Shannon Ludwig

Feb 21:  Joe Creason Park.  Meet Director: Aaron Smith

Feb 28:  Iroquois Park (Updated on 2/1/16).  Meet Director:  Louie Smith

Mar 6:  Waverly Park. Meet Director:  Louis Smith III

Mar 12:  Otter Creek (2 Courses).  Series final.  Meet Director:  Bruce Moore 

Mar 20:  Cherokee Park (TeePee).  Chase the Penguin.  [ "Chase the Penquin" is a handicap start sprint that is separate from the Winter Sprint Season and does not count towards standings.  Awards will be given for top 3 Male and Female finishers.  Start times will be based on your performance during the regular Winter Sprint Season.  You must have finished at least 3 Winter Sprint Season races to qualify for the "Chase the Penquin."  IF you do not qualify, you can still do the course backwards.]  Meet Director:  Bruce Moore

20 Feb 2016

Bernheim Forest.  Woodland Pavilan on Ten Tom's Circle.  Standard cross-country-Yellow thru Red courses.  Follow signs to registration.  All times EST.  Registration opens at 9am.  Starts from 10 - 11:30am.  3-hr time limit for each participant.  Control pickup starts at 2:30pm.  Meet Directors are Paul Vice, Alison Ewart , and Jim Carter

12 March 2016            (Updated 1/23/16)

Otter Creek.  All times Eastern time zone.  Ohio Valley Scholastic Championships (OVSOC) for Middle and High School participants.  OVSOC requires pre-registration.  Details for OVSC to follow.  Also, recreational participants can run on White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, or Red courses.  OVSOV Info and Registration.  Details for recreational participants to follow.  Meet Director is Bruce Moore.   

13 March 2016

Otter Creek.  All times Eastern time zone.  (NOTE THAT THIS IS THE FIRST DAY FOR DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!)  6-hour Rogaine.    Details and Registration can be found at TheMadOtter.   Meet director is Bruce Moore.

30 April 2016

Deam Lake:  (Date changed on 11/19/15)  4-hr Score-O.  Details to follow.  Meet directors are Aaron Smith and Louis Smith III.


3 May - 6 September 2016

Summer Tuesday Night Sprint Series

Starts from 6:00pm - 7:30pm.  Control pickup starts just after 7:30pm.

3 May.  Ashland Park.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.

10 May.  Thurman Hutchens.  Meet Director is Shannon Ludwig.

17 May.  McNeely Lake.  North side.  Meet Director is Laurie Biship.

24 May.  Lapping Park.  Flatwood.  Meet Director is TBA.

31 May.  EP Tom Sawyer.  Hurstbourne Ave.  Meet Directors are Rich Mazzoli and Jim Carter.

7 June.  Location is TBD.  2 courses.  Meet Director is Bruce Moore.

14 June.  U of L Campus.  Clock tower.  Meet Director is U of L Orienteering class.

21 June.  Lapping Park.  Silver Creek.  Meet Director is Aaron Smith.

28 June.  McNeely Lake.  Horse Parking Lot.  Meet Director is Louie Smith.

5 July.  Seneca Park.  Wilderness Trail.  Meet Director is Ben King.

12 July.  EP Tom Sawyer.  Hurstbourne Ave.  Meet Director is Chris Gerstle.

19 July.  Champions East.  Meet Director is TBD.

26 July.  Waterfront Park.  Meet Director is Emily Roach.

2 August.  Girl Scout Headquarters.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.

9 August.  Cherokee Park.  Near Archery.  Meet Director is TBD.

16 August.  EP Tom Sawyer.  Admin building.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.

23 August.  Bellarmine Univ.  Start location TBD.  Meet Director is Bruce Moore.

30 August.  Location TBD.  Micro Sprint.  Start TBD.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.

6 September.  Location TBD.  Start TBD.  Chase The Rabbit.  Meet Director is TBD.

 6 August 2016

Camp StemCaves, Cliffs & Sink Holes Year 3.  Bike and Foot Options. 3-hr or 6-hr Rogaine. All times EDT.  Registration starts at 9am.  Mass start at 10am [both 3-hr & 6-hr].  A second start at 1pm for 3-hr only.  Mountain Bike point to point meet.  Starts 10:15am – 11am.  15 controls, 10 KM as a crow flies.  Actual distance covered will approach 20 KM.  The 3-hr Rogaine option starting at 1pm is available to you after the Mountain Bike course.  General comments:  Special pricing for this meet due to the multiple maps ($10 for members, $15 for non-members). The bugs will be out--Permethrin treated socks, long pants and shirt recommended.  There is a control on the Rogaine in a cave, a light source will be necessary to find this control. Everyone must be back by 4pm. Control pickup starts at 4pm. I am trying to work out primitive camping at the Camp Stem for Friday and Saturday night.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.  

1 October 2016

Rough River State Resort ParkNational Orienteering Day.  3 Courses offered:  Short Beginner Course; Short Intermediate Course; and Long Advanced Course. (A shorter advanced version will also be offered). All times CDT.  Registration starts at 9am. Starts from 10am – 11:30am. Everyone back in by 2pm. Control pickup starts at 2pm.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.