11 April 2015

     Horine in Jefferson Memorial Forest.  Standard cross country--Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, and Red courses.  Registration opens at 9am, with starts between 10am - 11am.  Control pickup starts at 3pm.  We will be at the same pavilion as in previous meets.  Directions can be found here.  Meet Director is Laurie Bishop.



18/19 April 2015

     Deam Lake.  Standard cross country.  Meet Directors are Louis Smith III and Aaron Smith.


16 May 2015

     Bernheim Forest (Note that this is a change in location.)  (Posted 3/27/15) Standard cross country format, with Yerllow, Orange, Brown, Green, and Red courses.  Stand by for times and exact location of registration within Bernheim Forest.    Meet Director is Emily Roach 


1 August 2015

     Camp Stem.  Bike and Foot meet.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.