3 December 2016

Taylorsville Lake State Park. 

The Ohio Valley Scholastic Championships will be held December 3, 2016 at Taylorsville Lake State Park.  (All times EST.) Registration opens at 9am.  Starts from 11:00am-1:00pm.

The schools that want to take part in the Scholastic Championships put together teams of 3(minimum) to 5 (maximum) students from their school. The JV teams compete on a Yellow course (Y1 for Males, Y2 for Females). The Varsity teams compete on an Orange course (O1 for Males, O2 for Females). The top 3 finishers are used to calculate the team score.

We will use our standard group registration sheet. A copy can be found here.  Please use one sheet per team. Anyone not running on a team, can run a course but will not be included in the Championship results. Please list all the non-team members on a single sheet. These registration sheets can be emailed to Ken Kling in either Excel format or as a PDF. He must receive the sheets by 10 PM on November 28th.  He needs time to enter them into the computer and he will be out in the field hanging controls the week before the meet.  Any sheets received after this time will not be accepted for the Championships. You can come and run courses but you will not be part of the Championship.

I need to hear from all groups of 4 or more, even those that will not be competing in the Championship.  I need to get an accurate map count. I have to run map copies before Saturday. Please use the registration sheet described above.

Meet notes can be found here.

Some background information:

Y1, 13 controls 2.9KM

Y2, 12 controls 2.7KM

O1, 13 controls 3.7KM

O2, 12 controls 3.4KM

 The cost is $7 for each student plus $1 to rent a finger stick. Adults associated with the schools can run the course with the same pricing. 

 For those not participating in the Championships:  Other courses available, Yellow through Blue.  Adult club members--$7, plus $1 to rent a finger stick.  Adult non-club members--$10, plus $1 to rent a finger stick.

Meet Director is Ken Kling


1 Jan - 26 Mar 2017

Winter Sunday Afternoon Sprint Series

 Details to follow.

Jan 1                           #1                                St Matthews CC   Meet Director is Laurie Bishop.         

Jan 8                           #2 and #3                    Shawnee Park    Meet Director is Bruce Moore.  

Jan 15                         ****No Meet  GNC and MLK Day****

Jan 22                         #4 & #5                        Waverly Park   Meet Directors are Carson & Alison Torpey.            

Jan 29                         #6                                Waterfront Park   Meet Director is Shannon Ludwig.

Feb 5                           #7 and #8                    Cherokee Park  Meet Director is Ben King.

Feb 12                         #9                                George Rogers Clark Park.  Meet Directors are Laura Ferguson & Mike Bowen.

Feb 19                         #10 and #11                EP Sawyer Park.  Shelter by the main EPSawyer entrance.  Meet Director is Carl Christy.

Feb 26                         #12 & 13                       Wendell Moore Park in Buckner.  Meet Director is Dan Curley

Mar 5                          #14 & #15                      Lapping Park.  Meet Director is Aaron Smith.

Mar 12                        NO MEET

Mar 19                        #16                               Creasey Mahan.  Meet Director is  Ryan Dunlap.

Mar 26                        Chase the Penguin    Cherokee Park.  Meet Director is TBD.


7 January 2017

 Camp Barren Ridge.  Race to the Island.  3 Hour Score-O with a time trial available if you clear the Score- O.  BUT you must be totally done with both levels in 3 hours.  There are "Race to the Island" prizes, but your first control punched must be the Island control.  The Prizes are retro-Tshirts (limited sizes available). All times CST. Registration starts at 9am.  Mass start at 10am, briefing shortly before the start. Everyone back by 1:00pm. Meet Director is Ken Kling.


28 January 2017

Iroquois Park.  Hills and Thorns.  Details to follow.  Meet Director is Ben King.


25 February 2017

Bernheim Forest.  Standard O Meet.  Details to follow.  Meet Director is Paul Vice.


20 May 2017

Origanal date (11 March 2017) changed on 11/8/16.  Otter Creek.  Mad Otter.  Details to follow.  Meet Director is Bruce Moore.


2 May - 12 September 2017

Summer Tuesday Night Sprint Series.  Starts from 6pm - 7:15pm.  Control pickup starts just after 7:15pm.