6 December 2014

    EP Tom Sawyer.  Night-0.  Meet Directors are Jim Carter and Rich Mazzoli.  


10 January 2015

      Camp Barren Ridge (Girl Scout Camp).  Land navigation (Rogaine) meet.  Event notes are here.  Registration form for groups of more than 5 is here.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.


31 January 2015

    Iroquois Park.  Format has not been finalized, but expect a mass start.  Three courses--long, medium, short.  Meet Director is Ben King


21/22 February 2015

RETURN OF THE OTTER:    2-Day Cross Country Meet, to include Ohio Valley Scholastic Orienteering Championships.  On both days registration opens at 9am EST, with first starts at 10am.  Meet headquarters will be at Camp Piomingo.  Overnight accommodation available. 

  Saturday:  6 Middle distance courses  (White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Red), plus a Sprint meet and contour training.   Sprint course will open up at 3pm.  Saturday will also feature the Ohio Valley Scholastic Orienteering Championships. 

 Sunday:  5 Long distance courses (Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Red).

  Meet Director is Bruce Moore.

7 March 2015

     Bernheim Forest.  Classic cross country meet.  Meet Director is Paul Vice.


11 April 2015

     Yost or Horine in Jefferson Memorial Forest.  Standard cross country.  Meet Director is Laurie Bishop.


18/19 April 2015

     Deam Lake.  Standard cross country.  Meet Directors are Louis Smith III and Aaron Smith.


9 May 2015

     Tom Wallace.  Standard cross country format.  Meet Director is Emily Roach 


1 August 2015

     Camp Stem.  Bike and Foot meet.  Meet Director is Ken Kling.