12 December 2015

Camp Crooked Creek (Permission confirmed).  (Meet added as of 5/21/15.  Date of meet changed on 10/9/15.)  (Details added on 11/26/15.)  Standard cross country format.  White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, and Red courses.  Registration/start located at Administration building at end of camp road.  Registration opens about 10am. Training session at 10:30am.  First starts at about 11am.  Meet directors are Louis Smith & Laurie Bishop.


3 Jan - 20 March 2016

March Winter Sprint Series

*All meet starts are on Sunday from 2-4 with the exception of the Final Meet on March 12  (Saturday Morning from 10am--Noon).

* These courses will be slightly longer than the summer meet courses.

*Bellarmine and Cherokee are pending, as maps are not complete.  Stand by for updates to schedule. 


Jan 3:  Cherokee Park (Dog Hill).  (Early Sprint Clinic Starts at Noon).  Meet Director:  Ben King    

Jan 10:  U of L (Belknap Campus) .  Meet Director:    

Jan 17:  OFF.  Georgia Navigator/MLK Weekend   

Jan 24:  Brown Park.  Meet Director:  Laurie Bishop

Jan 31:  George Rogers Clark.  Meet Director:  Emily Roach

Feb 7:  Shawnee Park. (Pending map completion). (2 Courses)  Meet Director:  Bruce Moore

Feb 14:  EP Tom Sawyer Park.  Meet Director:  Chris Gerstle

Feb 21:  Joe Creason Park.  Meet Director: Aaron Smith

Feb 28:  Bellarmine Univ  (Pending approval and map completion).  Meet Director:  Louie Smith

Mar 6:  Waverly Park. Meet Director:  Louis Smith III

Mar 12:  Otter Creek (2 Courses).  Series final.  Meet Director:  Bruce Moore 

Mar 20:  Cherokee Park (TeePee).  Chase the Penguin.  Meet Director:  Bruce Moore

9 January 2016

Camp Barren Ridge.  3-hr Score-O format, with a time trial.  All times CST.  Registration starts at 9am.  Mass start at 10am.  An additional time trial (for added points) if you clear the course before the 3-hr time limit.  Map updated and enlarged.  Meet director is Ken Kling.


30 January 2016

Iroquois Park (permission pending) (Date changed on 11/19/15).  Mass start--short, medium, and long course.  Details pending.  Meet director is Ben King.

20 Feb 2016

Bernheim Forest (Tentative, as of 13 Nov 15).  Standard cross-country.  Details to follow.  Meet Directors are Paul Vice, Alison Ewart , and Jim Carter

12 March 2016

Otter Creek.  All times Eastern time zone.  Ohio Valley Scholastic Championships (OVSC) for Middle and High School participants.  OVSC requires pre-registration.  Details for OVSC to follow.  Also, recreational participants can run on White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, or Red courses.  Details for recreational participants to follow.  Meet Director is Bruce Moore.   

13 March 2016

Otter Creek.  All times Eastern time zone.  (NOTE THAT THIS IS THE FIRST DAY FOR DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!)  6-hour Rogaine.    Details can be found at TheMadOtter.   Meet director is Bruce Moore.

30 April 2016

Deam Lake:  (Date changed on 11/19/15)  4-hr Score-O.  Details to follow.  Meet directors are Aaron Smith and Louis Smith III.