National Orienteering Day Score-O


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	This was my first attempt at holding a meet and I certainly wasn't disappointed in the
turnout. I originally went and made copies of the maps earlier in the week. Throughout the week,
I kept seeing emails from the JROTC programs and my running count kept getting larger and larger.
On Friday, I decided to head back and make more copies and I'm glad I did. I still ran out of Short
Course maps toward the end, and I apologize to those who were "forced" over to the Long Course.

	I liked how Dan Mattingly had planned the National Orienteering Day event last year, and
I tried to copy him as best as I could. So, I ended up making a score-o course that encompassed the
whole park. As I was looking at the map, I thought that a short beginner's course would be nice
since this would be the first event for the JROTC programs this season. I wanted to have the start
location away from the front (east) side of the park since Mike Moser had his cross-country meet
start there back in March. I was drawn to the top of the hill, but I thought the road to the top was
permanently closed. I then settled on the backside at the horse barns. I figured it was out of the way
and many people may not be as familiar with this part of the park. Only later, after I had planned
the course, did I realize that the road to the top was in fact open on the weekends. I'll keep that in
mind for next year. The long course had 25 controls spread over the entire course, while the short
course had 14 controls concentrated in the area around the horse barns.

	The day started pretty early and I thank Arnie Franklin and Mike Robinson for meeting me
at the park at such an early time and helping out in many ways. We (I should say they because they
had the majority by far) hurried out and got the remainder of the controls hung that hadn't been
placed the day before. By the time I got back to the start location, Paul Vice was there ready to pitch
in. I want to give a special thanks to Paul because he did so much to help me out with my first meet.
He did registration, handled the money, and nudged me in the direction I needed to be nudged. I
also want to thank Louis Smith, Jim Carter, Dan Mattingly, and Rich Mazzoli for pitching in and
helping with training and other tasks.

	The day couldn't have been any better. The temperature was in the upper 70s or low 80s 
and it was cloudy for the better part of the day. The long course had five participants that scored
the maximum of 25 points. Dan Mattingly finished the course in 95 minutes. Close behind was 
Greg Grosshart and Michael Sapper from ICO/Indy Rootstock, finishing in 97 minutes and 45 
seconds. They had to visit a control twice and this caused them to miss out on first place. Chad Elder
and Shelley Pennington were the other two to clean the course. In total, we sent out about 144 
orienteerers onto the courses.

	Once all participants were in, the clean up began. Once again, I want to thank Paul Vice,
Louis Smith, Jim Carter, and Dan Mattingly for helping to collect controls at the end of the day.
They made it easy for me and left me with only six controls to grab on my way out of the park. I
hurried and got them as fast as I could and rushed home to relax after a long day. It sure was a
learning experience and I definitely have a deeper respect for the amount of time and work that
goes into holding a meet. I made a lot of mental notes that I hope will make my next meet run 
smoother. Thanks for everyone who participated and especially for those that recognized my 
inexperience and helped me get everyone on and off of the course safely. I hope to see everyone
at the next meet, where I'll be working to pay back my huge debt of servitude to Paul Vice. Please
look over the results and email me with any clarifications. I was unsure of some of the names and
spellings on the punch cards. Thanks.

-Shawn Smith


Name					Points		Time		Club/School
Dan Mattingly				25		95:00		OLOU
Michael Sapper/Greg Grossart	25		97:45		ICO
Chad Elder				25		114:45		OLOU
Shelley Pennington			25		118:45	
John Thomas				24		117:25		OLOU
Paul Vice				22		111:40		OLOU
Eric Tullis				22		114:00		ICO
Jim Carter				20		119:40		OLOU
Louis Smith				20		121:50		OLOU
Brent Hatfield/Aaron Layson	18		111:45		Apollo
Briggs/Briggs/Kennedy/Cortie ?	17		110:30		Shawnee
Russell and Eric Rose		17		116:50	
Anthony Walters			17		119:45		Scott County
Lloyd Vest/Annie Darst		16		119:15		OLOU
Jacob Copler				14		114:50		OLOU
Gary Hite				14		121:40		ICO
Buckner/Decker/Karrer		13		108:10		Shawnee
Bryant/Grubbs/Mason		13		129:20		Shawnee
Adam Roby/Jason Wiggins		12		109:15		Apollo
Frank Baukert			11		140:00		ICO
Janis Dean and Dean Family		10		106:00		OLOU
Jeanette Wilder			10		106:00		OLOU
Jim and Shellie Nitsche		10		107:30	
CJ Underwood/Sarah Otis		10		112:45		Scott County
Steve Grimes				10		117:35	
Morgan Sumner/Kevin Hardesty	10		124:16		Apollo
Tim Cowles				10		139:40		Warren East
Seth Martin/Adam McKnight	9		106:22		MNHHS
Jacob Cates/Andrew McFadden	9		105:20		MNHHS
Mike Bowen				9		122:20		OLOU
Rearden/Kamuf			8		112:50		Apollo
Jarrod Davis				8		127:22		BS Troop 37
Chris O'Bryan/Spencer Curtin	8		130:47		Apollo
Nick Cook				8		140:40		Warren East
Orpurt/Gerrick/Stutler		7		119:30		MNHHS
Jay Williams				7		130:20		Warren East
Amy Kuegel/Keasha Bryant		6		117:09		Apollo
Carrasquillo/Perkins/Robbins	6		126:00		Scott County
Kennedy/Cortie/Mason ?		6		126:00		Shawnee
Shane Fassold			5		133:35		HCCHS
Matt Wallace				5		134:22		HCCHS
Michael Teeter/Josh Cook		4		132:00		Scott County
Jayson Barnes			0		163:40		BS Troop 37
Wyatt Tarter				0		163:40		BS Troop 37
Roger Ross				0		163:40		BS Troop 37
Kurkoski/Kurkoski/Welling		0		255:40	


Name					Points		Time		Club/School
Leinenger/Baird/Hunter		14		40:47		Scott County
No Names on Punchcard		14		45:47		Warren East
Wallace/Wallace/Taylor/Ayres	14		46:16		Scott County
T.J. Mason/Hannah Clampett	14		49:45		HCCHS
Stephanie Weaver			14		50:07		?
Caleb Van Winkle/Jimmy Martin	14		51:00		Madison Southern
Morris/Gene Price			14		55:40		Madison Southern
Houston Anglin/Danielle Alexander	14		56:00		Madison Southern
Derela McCarty			14		65:57		?
Ashley Davis				14		68:43		HCCHS
Johnson/Klink/Sanders?/?		14		74:53		Shawnee
Linel Rogers/Trevis Spires		14		77:10		Madison Southern
LeAnne Rearden			14		79:46		Apollo
Wiedel/Huff/Jobba			14		81:50		Scott County
Mark Coomes				14		89:00		Apollo
Mitchell Michael			14		89:20		HCCHS
Williams/Rice/Logan/Strong		14		119:40		Shawnee
Jon Wiegand/Morris			13		66:19		Madison Southern
Megan Filback			13		78:45		Apollo
Kendall Trapp/Cody Anglin		11		78:45		HCCHS
Mary Embry/Tianna LeGrand	10		111:48		HCCHS
Pope/LaPradd/Sizemore		 9		102:57		HCCHS
Austin Bailie/Samantha Ralston	 7		102:30		HCCHS
Jacob McBride			 7		102:50		HCCHS
Francis McBride			 7		102:50		HCCHS
Wes E.				1 (13 mispunches)	48:10		?
Murray Bagby			1 (10 mispunches)	85:10		Warren East
Jermine/Terrance/Draper	0 (2 mispunches)	91:20		Scott County

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