Lewis and Clark Cup 2005


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It was a dark and stormy morning...  NO, WAIT, that was last year's rogaine!
An absolutely gorgeous fall day greeted the 80 competitors in the 8th
edition of the Lewis and Clark Cup Rogaine.  The competitors were from as
far away as the Ukraine as well as KY, IN, OH, IL, KS, WI, and MI.  Ages
ranged from 15 to 68.  The map was a USGS 1:24000 topo with 10-foot contours
consisting of part of the Harrison-Crawford State Forest seven miles west of
Corydon, IN.  Thanks go to Property Manager Duane Sieg for his assistance in
gaining permission to use this beautiful forest property for our event.

Sixteen teams competed in the 8-hour and eighteen in the 4-hour.  There were
52 controls worth a total of 286 points.  The Lewis & Clark Cup champions
SOUPBONE EXPRESSO (Charlie Shahbazian-WI and Joseph Sackett-IL) collected 36
control worth 224 points.  The first place team in the 4-hour APOLLO # 2
(Spenser Girten and Kevin Hardesty from KY) found 11 controls for 41 points.
Two controls were totally ignored by all competitors: KD5 and UT5.  The most
popular controls were BA1 (nearest the start/finish) and AI3 (near a water

Two controls had problems.  EJ3 was punched by one 4-hour team but then went
missing before any other team visited it.  AF9 was either placed incorrectly
or it went missing also.  My apologies for the time lost on these controls.
Points were awarded to the teams that visited these control locations.

I want to thank all of the competitors for taking the time to come out and
compete in the Lewis & Clark Cup.  Thanks also go to OLOU club members Eric
Hallstrom, Jerry Greenlee, John Distler, Dan Molnar, Dan Mattingly, Jim
Carter, Rich Mazzoli and Shawn Smith for hanging streamers and/or controls
and vetting.  Many thanks to Alison Ewart for the soup, stew and homemade
bread and to Doris Herp for helping get the food to the hash house.  Kudos
to the Apollo and Jeffersonville bus drivers and parents for lending a hand
when things were busy and personnel were sparse at the hash house.  Thanks
to Bruce Moore, Shawn Smith, Jim Carter and Janis Dean for help with
registration and t-shirt distribution.  Thanks to Louis Smith for getting
the t-shirts made and delivered.  Thanks to John Mann for taking pictures
and publicity.  Thank yous also go to John Distler for coordinating control
pickup and Jim Carter and Alison Ewart for picking up controls.  Also thanks
to Sheltowee (John Pulsford and Greg Perry) for picking up controls Saturday
night after the meet while practicing their Night-O skills.  Thanks to Dan
Mattingly, Dan Molnar and Shawn Smith for the loan of camp stoves and tables
and chairs.  Special thanks to Eric Hallstrom for the tents, the water tank,
chairs and just seeming to always be there and offering to help!

A door prize of a one-year subscription donated by Paula Stepp, Circulation
Director for TrailRunner magazine, was awarded to SMOC (Rick Waldo and Mark

Comments and complaints :-) may be directed to me at pkvice@bellsouth.net

See you in the woods!

Paul Vice
Meet Director
Lewis & Clark Cup Rogaine 2005

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