Lewis and Clark Cup Rogaine


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Team Mixed Score Time From
Vandy David Stanovsky, Denis Ossine and Maria Osina 188 11:50 TN
Think We Can Mark Cartwright and Tristen Maginn 87 TN
Flat Earth Frank Foley, Will Whittington and Sarah Whittington 86 11:36 IN
Midiz Anastoliy Delistoy, Vyacheslav Lobzun, Viorel Sofronyuk and Natalia Mykytchuk-Lobzun 78 8:57 UKRAINE
Aimless Steven Ames and Kris Ames 64 10:23 IN
Purdue Roscoe Fleischhaver and Katie Schaler 52 IN
Purdue 2 Matt Clifton and Julia Wales (88 points before injury) DNF IN
Team Men Score Time From
Mark & Rick Mark Lattanzi and Rick Waldo 186 11:55 MI
R2D2 Larry Berna and Benoit Chagnon 181 12:00 OH/CAN
Norsemen Eric Hallstrom and Phil Adkins 133 11:50 KY
Kukka David Palmer and Mark Stinson 106 11:49 KY
Sheltowee John Pulsford, Greg Perry and David Mills 104 11:23 IN
Anstey/Parnell David Anstey and Graeme Parnell 83 11:51 KY
Little Puddys John Haist and Joe Haist 75 11:14 KY
Irishmen Jerry Greenlee and Christopher Greenlee 62 10:18 KY
Team Women Score Time From
Jo Kathy Jo Rufener and Dee Rufener 106 10:34 OH
Carb Crusaders Angela Jenkins and Marcy Robinson-O'Conner 86 10:55 MO

Team Mixed Score Time From
Sea Legs Malvin Harding and Shelley Pennington                                                                         158 11:17 OR/PA
Gray and Blonde Clark Maxfield and Sari Rantanen 80 IL
Thru Hikers Kim Neese and Kathy Neese 47 10:16 KY
Team Men Score Time From
Team Ragged Glory Bob Mueller and Dave Tanner 179 11:49 IN
Bush Men of the Ohio Matt Bond and Mike Minium 164 11:44 OH
Louis & Mike Louis Smith and Mike Moser 164 11:50 KY
Kennedy/Thomas Bill Kennedy and John Thomas 97 10:34 KY
Men in Blue Steven Holley and Ken Kling 63 11:36 KY
Team Women Score Time From
Fools on the Hill Alison Ewart and Nancy Logan 36 11:33 KY

Team Men Score Time From
Kansas Mike Shifman and Aleksandr Arannovich 78 11:21 KS
Indy Fossils Mike Skirvin, Dean Burwell and Jim Dill                                                                                          70 11:13 IN

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