4th Annual German Ridge Ramble


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     The Fourth Annual German Ridge Ramble was contested on Saturday, April 30, 2005.
Although rain had swollen the water channels and produced slippery slopes, the contestants
were spared the rain by the time of the first start. Although it never really got warm,
the sun did make several brief appearances. The Co-Meet Directors, Arnie Franklin and
Burr Paul set several challenging courses including the debut of a Sprint course for the
Ramble. Five high schools, Apollo, Floyd Central, Muhlenberg South, Owensboro, and Warren
East were there with their JROTC units. In addition, we had orienteers from Indiana, and
several members of OLOU. An Awards Ceremony was held to recognize the winners in the JROTC

     Kevin Huff from Warren East had a great day in the JROTC category winning 1st in
both the Sprint and Green courses. Not about to be overshadowed by youth, our own Dan
Mattingly applied age and cunning to run to the best time in both the Sprint (20:06)
and the Red (1:42:00).

     A special thanks goes to Nathan Wisdom, a Warren East graduate who was a great
help in both setting controls (two days) and picking up the controls after the competition.
Likewise thanks to Allison and Paul for taking care of registration and the finish line.
Thanks also to Mike Beal for lending a hand at the finish.

     As most JROTC orienteering coaches will tell you. Success is measured by getting
all of the cadets back, relatively uninjured and within an hour of their time limit.
This was a very successful event. Arnie and I look forward to next year.


Mattingly, Dan 	OLOU 				20:06
Noller, Steve 						21:49
Smith, Louis 		OLOU 				23:27
Huff, Kevin 		(Warren East HS) OLOU 	25:15 
Hatfield, Brent 	(Apollo HS) OLOU 		26:16
O'Bryan, Chris 	(Apollo HS) OLOU 		28:34
Sumner, Morgan 	(Apollo HS) OLOU 		DQ


Mattingly, Dan 	OLOU 				1:42:00
Smith, Louis 		OLOU 				2:26:50
Collin & Parnell 					DNF


Huff, Kevin 		WEHS 				1:20:36 
Vice, Paul 		OLOU 				1:56:08
Cook, Nick 		WEHS 				2:16:22
Calter, B. 						2:20:00
Williams, Jay 		WEHS 				2:25:18
Cook, Richard 					2:46:19
Noller, Steve 						DNF


Hatfield, Brent 	Apollo HS 			1:07:56
Snyder, Michael 	Apollo HS 			1:11:36
Toolery, William 	Owensboro HS 		1:17:15
Girten, Spenser 	Apollo HS 			1:17:16
O'Bryan, Chris 	Apollo HS 			1:29:37
Hamilton, Mary & Jeff 	OLOU 			1:29:43
Sumner, Morgan 	Apollo HS 			1:33:12
Bagby, Kyle 		WEHS 				1:48:18
Pinet, Daniel 		WEHS 				1:51:10
Davis, Cody 		WEHS 				1:55:39
Motley, Darrel 	Owensboro HS 		DNF


Thomas, Chris 		Owensboro HS 		57:06
Kamuf, Chris 			Apollo HS 			59:30
Rearden, Nathan 		Apollo HS 			1:03:55
Raymen, Brian 		MSHS 				1:06:02
Patton, Randy 		Apollo HS 			1:07:06
Barr, Tiffany 			FCHS 				1:20:56
Summer, Gary 						1:21:25
Smith, Justin 			FCHS 				1:25:08
Riggie, Michael 		FCHS 				1:25:46
Smith, Justin 			FCHS 				1:25:08
Bowe, Chris 			FCHS 				1:27:33
Leah, Bennis 			FCHS 				1:27:55
Handman, Alex & Wallace 	MSHS 				1:35:10
Bryant, Keasha 		Apollo HS 			1:57:13
Cooper, Dennie 		Owensboro HS 		DQ
Gregory, Brian & Struder 	MSHS 				2:00:51
Roberts, Tray & Knot, Kyle 	Owensboro HS 		DQ
Cowles, Tim & Alexander, Katie 	WEHS 			2:10:22
Spinak, Marina 		OLOU 				2:18:50
Kuegel, Amy 			Apollo HS 			2:20:29
Ridings, Ryan & Mizell, Meghan 	Owensboro HS 	DNF
Phillips, Steven & Hilofd, Mike 	Owensboro HS 	DNF
Bennett, William 		Owensboro HS 		DQ


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