Deam Lake 2008


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On January 12th, a little over 100 participants gathered at the Buzzard's Roost starting location at Deam 
Lake near Borden, Indiana. The weather was absolutely beautiful for the beginning of much 
so that I had to apologize for John Distler for not maintaining the tradition of cold and wet. It was sunny 
with temperatures in the 40s, perfect for running.

Since we had so many people gathering early for the meet, we began the starts around 10:40. On the Red 
Course, OLOU's Dan Mattingly captured first place with plenty of time to spare, coming in at 97:16. He was 
followed by Bill Garman (129:30) and Robert Boll (132:25). Chris O'Bryan, of Apollo HS, was the first high 
school competitor to finish on the red, with a time of 155:17. On the Orange Course, Chris Kamuf, of Apollo 
HS, was first overall with a time of 82:24. A mere six seconds behind was OLOU's Mary and Jeff Hamilton 
(82:30), followed by OLOU's Paul Vice (85:22). Jude and Eric Beverle finished first on the Yellow Course with 
a time of 36:16. John Sparks and Jeff Goddard, of Madison Southern HS, finished in second (40:30) followed 
by OLOU's Barry Bridges (43:47).

I would like to thank a lot of people for helping with this event, but first and foremost, I need to thank Mike 
Robinson. In all reality, he was the co-director of this meet as he helped a lot with setting the course and 
registering participants in the middle of the initial chaos. He also drug me out into the cold and wet on 
Sunday morning to pick up the courses (see John, it WAS raining on some portion of the meet! I was just off 
a day!) I also need to give a very special thanks to Bretnea Turner of Apollo High School for helping with 
registration and for being in complete and organized control of the finish line. Thanks also go out to Paul Vice 
for being Paul...which means bringing the meet equipment, controlling the money, and helping with registration 
(I'm glad you got out on a course!). Thanks to Alison for delivering the controls to my doorstep (literally!) and 
helping keep things organized during registration. Thanks to Rich Mazzoli for arriving early on the day of the 
meet and setting the entire Yellow Course. And thanks to Dan Mattingly for printing the maps, for without 
those, it would have been a rather dull day overall. If I left anyone out, please accept my apologies and let me 
know and I'll correct this report to include you! Oh...and thanks for all of you who participated, it makes the 
day all worthwhile to see so many people taking part in one of our meets...Thank you all!

-Shawn Smith

RED COURSE - 7.86 km

1. Dan Mattingly	 97:16	OLOU
2. Bill Garman		129:30
3. Robert Boll		132:25
4. Brent Hatfield	154:27	OLOU
5. Chris O'Bryan	155:17	AHS
6. Kevin Hardesty	157:12	AHS
7. Jacob Cates	174:51	NHHS
8. Louis Smith	177:19	OLOU
9. Greg Porter		211:35	NEOC

Keefe/Koch/Strothman	DNF	OLOU
Mike Newman			DNF

Kling/Holley/McNalley	DNF	OLOU	(Green Course)
Distler/Elliott			DNF	OLOU	(Green Course)


1. Chris Kamuf		 	82:24	AHS
2. Mary & Jeff Hamilton	 	82:30	OLOU
3. Paul Vice		 		85:22	OLOU
4. Justin Joiner	 		92:08	HCCHS
5. David Herrera	 		93:32	BGHS
6. Jose Mosquera	 		96:10	BGHS
7. Dublas Gonzalez	 		97:44	BGHS
8. Kipp Trummel			97:50
9. Steven Luttrell			100:50	AHS
10. Duncan Miller			102:16	BGHS
11. Jim Carter			107:14	OLOU
12. Logan/Ewart			120:00	OLOU
13. Brittany Ellzey			123:59	AHS
14. Derek McCarty			125:17	AHS
15. Adam Crabtree			126:22	AHS
16. Miller/Rogers/VanWinkle	133:24	MSHS
17. Adis Mujic				138:14	BGHS
18. Aaron Stallard			148:36	AHS
19. Keasha Bryant			160:34	AHS
20. Megan Filback			162:40	AHS
21. Emir Hajdarevic			174:47	BGHS
22. Michael Shoulders		181:16	HCCHS
23. Robert Crick			183:14	HCCHS
24. Nathan Rearden			184:33	AHS
25. Amy Keugel			184:44	AHS
26. Lee West				187:16	AHS
27. Dustin Riggs			190:06	NHHS
28. Tiffany Belcher			223:25	BGHS
29. Patrick Bowers			223:34	BGHS

21 DNFs


1. Jude & Eric Beverle	 	36:16
2. Sparks/Goddard	 		40:30	MSHS
3. Barry Bridges	 		43:47	OLOU
4. Helm/Winstead	 		46:20	MSHS
5. Merriman/Ward	 		46:31	OLOU
6. Sherrie Book		 	53:18	HCCHS
7. Dedrea Costa		 	54:20	BGHS
8. Barrick/Pickle	 		55:12	MSHS
9. Merriman/Vallance	 	61:30	OLOU
10. Hannah Settle	 		62:44	NHHS
11. Katlynn Greer	 		64:36	BGHS
12. Clayton Beck	 		69:48	BGHS
13. Julia Avila		 		69:50	BGHS
14. Hevika Torres	 		69:50	BGHS
15. Moore/Bah		 	75:40	BGHS
16. Josh Hepner		 	77:54
17. Thompson/Addison	 	80:20	MSHS
18. Tom & Kailen DeSchane		85:27
19. Jennifer Poe			101:04	HCCHS
20. Andrea Dougherty		101:04	HCCHS
21. Terry Mickler			159:55	OLOU

Steven Lay	DNF?	(No punch card)

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