Deam Lake Meet 2005


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    What is it with Y'all? I finally come up with a beautiful day and get the smallest crowd that
I've had in years. I guess everyone expects and apparently wants a blizzard or flood and just
doesn't feel challenged or happy with clear sunny skies and temperatures above freezing. At
any rate, I think a good time was had by those who did show up.

    Michael Sapper had the fastest time on the Red course: 83:20. Not far behind were Dan
Mattingly, whom I thank for vetting the course as he ran it, John Thomas and Ted Wathen.
Bruce Moore had the fastest time on Orange at 80:00. Next came Jim Carter and Dan Molnar
with John Pillitteri. Lloyd Vest won the Yellow course in 63:36.

    Nine other participants were unable to finish for various reasons, the most common being
previously existing injuries, made worse by the hilly and slippery terrain.

    Thanks again to Dan Mattingly, to Jim Carter for helping set up, to Jeannie Distler for set
up and registration and to John Thomas and Ted Wathen for help in picking up controls.

    I'll do my best to get back on track with nasty weather next January.

-John Distler
 Meet Director

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