Deam Lake Canoe-O


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			Canoe-O Results

		White Course

Mary, Noah and Jeff Hamilton      1:14


		Yellow/Orange Course

Dan Mattingly                            1:24

Dan Molnar                                1:38

John and Wyatt Tarter                2:47

Steve and Roger Ross                2:48

		Red Course

Michael, Christina & Erin Collins 1:58

Shawn Smith                             2:12

Louis Smith & Jim Carter            3:02

Dave and Matthew Faller             3:40

Russell and Eric Rose                3:47

			Sprint Results 
This Deam Lake sprint course had 17 controls over a 2.79 km course

		Sprint Course - Men

Dan Mattingly                21:49

Louis Smith                   33:49

Jim Carter                     45:10

Noah Hamilton               45:25


		Sprint Course - Women

Mary Hamilton               31:44

***(Note: Mary was 2nd overall. Congratulations!)

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