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What an exciting meet!!

As I looked out over the starting line I saw 127 entrants bunched up for the mass start.  Sixteen
stalwart runners signed on to the Full Goat, a 8.8km .  Over 40 opted for the Junior Goat, weighing
in at 5.3km.  While almost 70 competitors chose the Kid at 2.9km.   When the starting cannon sounded
(OK  -  just me yelling "Go!"), the heard bounded up trail to their first control.   I thought that
I would have liked to have a picture of that and wished that I had remembered that I had the camera
in the car.

I walked down the road parallel to the ridge line trail that the competitors were traversing.  As I
looked up, I could see the leaders running along.  Most of the Juniors took a route that went down
that same road.  I could see the leaders breaking out of the woods and running down the road ahead
of me while slightly slower competitors came in later and passed by me.   I went up a trail further
down and watched some of the competitors on the Billy Goat jog past.  Then I went to the 3rd Kid
control, which was also the 4th control on the Junior Goat.  It was just over a North/South ridge.
I watched the Goat racers and Junior Goat racers running up valley to the east, climb up to the
ridge and race off to their next control.  I had only been there a short while when the Goat leader,
Jason Pool, a former US Rogaining Champion, came up the hill from the West, having punched in at
control point #4 in the valley to the East.  Several competitors on the Junior Goat from Apollo HS,
climbed the hill to get point 4 and then raced north up the trail towards 5.

I headed back towards the starting line, passing several first time orienteers who were walking down
the trail.

Back at the finish line, I waited at the finish line with Paul Vice, the finish line judge.  A
little over 38 minutes past the start, the first competitors on the Kid came running down the
concrete path, punched the GO control and sprinted to the finish line.  In first was Austin Woodward
in 38:45 followed closely by Steven Luttrell in 38:58 with Robert Reed close on their heels in
39:12.   The first female back on the Kid was Brittnay Ellzey in a time of 45:02 (6th overall)

It was nearly an hour before the Juniors made their appearance, but when they did, they arrived in a
pack.  First to hit the finish line was Chris O'Bryan.  Chris, however, had forgotten to punch the
final control so he had to run back 100 meters to correct that oversight.  Michael Snyder, who won
the individual championship at Otter Creek in November, was the first to hit the tape with all his
punches in a time of 1:31:53.  He was followed by Thomas Cameron in 1:33:08 and then Chris returned
for the second time with a time of 1:33:25.  Five minutes later Brent Hatfield and Kevin Hardesty
came in with a side by side sprint to the finish.  Brent inched him at the tape but both had an
identical time of 1:38:34.  The first female back on the Junior was Mary Hamilton with a time of

It was another 20 minutes before the first Billy Goat runner came into sight.  Jason Poole and Koos
Hagg raced each other to the finish line with Hagg nipping Poole 1:55:57 to 1:55:58.  The
interesting thing about this close finish was that each runner chose a different leg on the split
control and each runner chose to skip different controls.  (SEE NOTE)  Dan Mattingly was the third
finisher on the Goat in 2:05:00.  All three of these times were very good.  I had expected the
winner to be over 2 hours.  None of the other 13 entrants on the Goat managed to finish the course
in the four hour time limit.

NOTE:  The unusual rules for the Billy Goat include forked controls ie.  2 controls with the same
number and the competitors choose which one to go to.  Another rule allows the runner to skip one
control.  The other unusual rules are the mass start and that the runners are allowed to follow each


Billy Goat  8.8km

1.  Koos Hagg          1:55:57
2.  Jason Poole         1:55:58
3.  Dan Mattingly    2:05:00
    16 started, 3 finished

Junior Goat    5.3km
1.  Michael Snyder        1:31:53
2.  Thomas Cameron     1:33:08
3.  Chris O'Bryan          1:33:25
4.  Brent Hatfield          1:38:34
5.  Kevin Hardesty       1:38:34
6.  Aaron Drummer      1:57:33
7.  Patruck Bennett      2:02:16
8.  Derek McCarty      2:02:16
9.  Matt Veech             2:03:35
10. Kevin Cox              2:03:36
11. David Veech           2:04:00
12. Mary Hamilton      2:46:20
13. Jeff Hamilton         2:46:21
14. David Drummer     2:50:15
15. Jim Carter              2:51:10
    40 started, 15 finished

The Kid             2.9km
1.  Austin Woodward     38:45
2.  Steven Luttrell           38:58
3.  Robert Reed               39:12
4.  Mike Bowen              44:17
5.  Rogers & Frity          44:22
6.  Brittnay Ellzey         45:02
7.  Aaron Vanlue            46:50
8.  Mellisa Shaw            49:40
9.  Teeter & Ayers         54:17
10. Green & Rogers        54:18
12. Danny Veech            56:59
13. Adam Crabtree         57:03
14. Matthiew Vierling    57:13
15. Max Murray             57:15
16. Penny, Perkins         57:30
          & Onoratd
19. Pearson & Howard    57:34
21. Logan & Ewart          58:12
23. Killon & Beckner       58:30
25.  Ingram & Barick        59:50
27. Alexander & Adams   59:51
28. Daniel Arnett             1:02:20
29. Brandon Long            1:02:25
30. Elayna Coyer            1:03:08
31. Megan Filback          1:03:59
32. Kathy Cline              1:04:04
33. Ball & Burns            1:04:14
35. Bowden & Tibbs      1:04:14
37. Stevenson, Davis     1:07:29
      & Joslin
40. Ory Yates                 1:07:45
41. Taylor Ransdell        1:07:50
42. Sam Fanning             1:07:54
43. Zack Dixon              1:10:50
44. Kevin Schultz          1:13:37
45. Tim Schultz             1:17:12
46. Bates, Hanson,         1:19:42
      Detrick & Schumm
50. Vires, Campbell,       1:31:30
      Gardner &  Jobba
54. Shelton & Newport  1:37:44
56. Perry & Montelli     1:39:14
57. Chris Nolot              1:41:36
58. David Williams         1:41:45
59. Jonny Downey         1:41:50
60. Sean Albin                 1:42:10
61. Brandon Williams      1:42:35
62. Jerry Ransdell            1:42:35
63. Jerremy Albin            1:42:59

There were about 6 people who did finish and who did not select a course.  We think these were all
on the Kid.

My thanks to all the people who helped.  Paul and Alison Vice spent a few hours last Sunday hanging
controls and streamering.  Jim Carter helped hang controls on Friday.  Dan Mattingly printed out the
maps.  Arnie Franklin hung controls, and set out the water control, with Jim Carter on Saturday
morning.  Paul also hung controls on Saturday morning as well as handled the finish line duties.  I
know that he enjoyed the cool morning breeze sitting in the shade of the shelter.  Several students
helped pick up controls as well as Alison, Nancy Logan, Paul (yet again) and Phil Adkins.

Louie Smith
Goat Master

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