Bernheim Forest 2006


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Fellow Orienteers;

Its nice to be there when a young man realizes his dream.  Training and effort finally
came to fruition last Saturday at Bernheim Forest when new OLOU board member John
Thomas took first place on the Red course (time 75:45), finally besting his long time
nemisis, Dan Mattingly (time 82:00). Dan did not dispair, however.  As John basked in
his glory, Dan pulled himself together and galloped through a somewhat lengthy sprint,
taking first in a respectable time of 22:40.  Second in the sprint was Bruce Moore (24:42),
a long time orienteer but a first time sprinter.  Fourth place went to Mary Hamilton., also
in her first sprint;  making her the first Kentucky Woman to get National Sprint Series points.

Several newcomers showed up to try out the sport.  Because it is the end of the school
year, we had no high school teams show up although Michael Snyder of Apollo did make
the drive up from Owensboro, running both Red and the Sprint.

The meet director's report and the results are below.

Louie Smith


Jim Carter's meet report:

On 05-20-06, approximately 50 people were lucky enough to come to Bernheim Forest
and participate in an Orienteering Meet.  The reason for that luck was that they got to
run using a new map of Bernheim in almost perfect weather.

It is late in the season and the forest is getting thick but all in all things turned out well.

Everyone I talked with seemed to have a good time.  If there were any problems, I would
like to know so the same mistakes aren't made next year.

I am going to try and thank everyone that helped. In advance, I am sorry if I leave anyone
out as there were so many people that helped.

Most importantly, I want to thank my co-director, Rich Mazzoli, for all the hours he spent
setting courses, streamering, printing maps, and working registration.  Paul Vice and
Janis Dean for registration.  Sherry Gowens and Arnie Franklin for working the start.
Ashley Bidwell and Arnie Franklin for working the finish.  Rich Mazzoli, Eric Halstrom, and
Louis Smith for control pickup. I want to give Arnie an extra thanks for showing up so
early Saturday morning with breakfast and especially the hot coffee.  Sherry, Rich, Louis,
and I camped out overnight. It sure was nice to crawl out of a warm sleeping bag to hot coffee.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of the good people at Bernheim Forest for allowing us
to use the facility for our event and for allowing us to stay overnight before the meet.

Jim Carter

Meet Results:


	Name      				Time
 1. John Thomas				75:45
 2. Dan Mattingly				82:00
 3. Eric Halstrom				91:00
 4. Michael Snyder				107:23
 5. Chad Elder					124:22
 6. Louis Smith				127:08
 7. Kim Neese					149:55
 8. Mike Robinson				160:00
 9. Steve Socha				174:00
10. Tim Welsh/Steve Grimes			204:00 OT
11. Lloyd Vest/Annie Darst			OT
12. Janis Dean/Jeannette Wilder/		DNF
     Maggie Endris


	Name					Time
1. Louis Smith, Jr. & Jerrimy Smith		83:21
2. Craig & A.J. Kramer			146:34
3. Nancy Logan & Allison Ewart		150:35
4. Tom Mayer & Nagesh Belludi		180:12  OT
5. Gus Wathen & Amy Cook			DNF


	Name					Time
1. Barry & Erin Bridges			61:25
2. Cheryl & Ava Jurkiewicz &  Paul Vice	75:50
3. Joey Goldsmith, Brianna Smith		96:06
    Brian Denton, & Terry Clark
4. Laurie Lehr					135:00
5. Ron & Rachel Geveden			151:25


	Name					Time
1. The 5 Hornbacks				59:48
    Eileen Hornback
    Kyle Hornback
    Logan Hornback
    Zack Hornback
    Dylan Hornback


	Name					Time
1. Dan Mattingly				22:40
2. Bruce Moore				24:42
3. Paul Vice					30:13
4. Mary Hamilton				37:06
5. Michael Snyder				37:56
6. Eric Moore					39:10
7. Jeff & Noah Hamilton			61:28

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