Urban-O, Waterfront Park, 6 August 2011


    Who said you can only orienteer in the woods?  The 8th annual Urban Orienteering (Urban-O) meet proves that orienteering is also possible in the city—in this case, downtown Louisville. 


    This event was held on Saturday, August 6, with the start and finish at Waterfront Park.  Participants made a mass start at 9:00 AM and went in search of 30 control locations scattered throughout the downtown area.  Since it was not practical to hang controls, participants were required to answer a trivia question to prove that they visited the correct spot.  The answer to each question could only be obtained by visiting the site.  Most of the control locations involve areas of either historical or unusual interest.


    I enjoyed seeing many OLOU regulars who came out to the meet.  I very much appreciate Bruce Moore stopping for a few minutes to say “hello.”  Another notable guest was the cadets from the North Bullitt High School Junior ROTC program.  A total of 20 orienteers participated in this event. 


    Many of the participants were not focused on their finish time, since this was a recreational meet, and since the summer heat made it difficult to go at maximum speed.  My hope is that everyone had fun and learned something new while touring the city.  The names of all the finishers and their finish times are listed below.  I want to thank everyone for coming out to the meet and I hope to see you next year for the 9th annual Urban-O!


Dan Molnar, Meet Director


Steven Gravatle          1:37:57

Chris Gerstle               1:37:57

Tim Welsh                   1:48:28

Christian Juckett         1:48:28

Courtney Sandora       2:11:10

Jeremy Murrell           2:11:10

Daniel Buchanan         2:15:00

Samantha McAllister  2:15:00

Lloyd Vest                   2:16:41

Jim Carter                   2:17:15

Ken Kling                    2:17:15

Alee Hood                   2:31:26

Joseph Miller              2:31:26

Montana Lease           2:24:42

Chelsea Desorne         2:24:42

Tyler Ewell                  2:35:26

Ethan Mizell                2:35:26

Timmy Razke              2:35:26

Dustin Thornton          2:35:26

Lynn Farrell                2:45:15