Results, 7th Annual Urban-0, 8 August 2009, Waterfront Park, Louisville, Ky

    It wasn't long ago that orienteering ceased to exist in the Louisville area during the summer months.  The Urban-O was created to address that situation by providing an opportunity to orienteer without the hassle of ticks, poison ivy and impenetrable vegetation.  The Urban-O, combined with the summer sprint o-meets, now allows orienteers to stay active all year. 


    This year's Urban-O featured 30 control locations scattered throughout downtown Louisville.  All of the sites were chosen for their scenic or historical value. 


    Twenty-five orienteers came out for this event.  Most traveled by foot although two, Barry Bridges and his son, traveled by bicycle.  Chris Gerstle was the first back with a very impressive finish time of one hour, four minutes and nine seconds.  Most competitive participants, including Chris, found all of the controls.  A few recreational orienteers did not get them all, but that's OK, since this was a recreational event and they had fun finding what they did.  Here is the list of participants, their finish times, and whether they found all of the controls.  Thanks to everyone who came out to this event! 



Name Time Controls Found
1. Chris Gerstle 1:04:09 All
2. Russ LeMay 1:11:25 All
3. Koos & Helen Hagg 1:11:59 All
4. Robert Boll 1:16:46 All
5. Barry Bridges & son 1:19:16 Lost Control Sheet
6. Jack & Thomas Ostertag 1:24:31 All
7. Mike Bowen & Laura Ferguson 1:28:59 All
8. Pat & Shannon Burke 2:06:41 All
9. Lloyd Vest 2:08:19 All
10. Ken Kling 2:12:49 All
11. Jim Carter 2:20:06 All
12. Lance, Ruairi, & Maire Williamson 2:23:47 Partial
13. Brian Denton & Joey Goldsmith 2:27:59 All
14. Lynn Farrell 2:53:28 All
15. John & Caitlin Molnar, Corey Dupin 2:57:22 Partial