Results, Urban-0, 21 August 2010


The 2010 Urban-O, held on August 21, began with a literal bang.  Shortly before the start of the meet, a line of heavy rain, lightning and thunder moved through downtown Louisville.  By the time the meet started, the thunder and lightning were gone, but the rain remained.  At 9:00 AM, twenty-five orienteers set out in search of 30 control locations scattered throughout downtown Louisville.  The meet was run in a score-o format with a three-hour time limit.  Punches and controls were not used due to the limited amount of public space downtown.  Instead, participants were required to find locations marked on their map.  As proof of finding the right site, they were required to answer a trivia questions based on information obtained from the site.   

First in was John Weires in a time 1:27:16.  Subsequent finishers, in order of finish, include Chris Gerstle, Stephanie Mattingly, Jim Carter, Ken Kling, Mike Bowen, Laura Ferguson, Jessica Cassin, Lucy Brown and Rich Waters.  Also successfully participating in the meet were 15 JROTC cadets from Bullitt North High School.  Everyone finished with wet shoes and big smiles.  I thank all participants for braving the rain and joining us for this annual event.

Dan Molnar, Meet Director