Results, Rough River, NOD West, 21/22 September 2013

    This was a new experience for OLOU--two consecutive days of orienteering at two completely different locations.  Excellent weather and beautiful location made for a superb weekend of orienteering.  Special thanks to all who helped.  Jim Carter came down Thursday and hung controls for two days with me.  He also helped transport equipment down to the meet locations.  We also had a lot of help with control pickup.  Everyone pitched in and we got everything picked up in record time.  The Rough River State Park personnel really helped us out.

    Saturday results:  We had 80 runners come out and try the courses.  Very strong runs in the Open Class by David Waller, Aaron Smith, and Jeremy Reynolds.  See files below for the top achievers among the High School Classes. 

High School Ribbons

Long – Male 

Aaron Conway                    Warren East                          1s

Tony Buchan                       Apollo                                    2nd

William Onley                      Daviess County                    3rd

Taylor Noble                        Daviess County                    4th

Ian O’Brien                           Daviess County                    5th  

Long – Female

Kristen Pleasant                   Hopkins Central                  1st

Makayla Grace                    Warren East                          2nd

 Short – Male

 Cody Deckard                      Ft Campbell                          1st

Omar Mascarenas               Ft Campbell                          2nd

Aaron Horn                          Ft Campbell                          3rd

Dakota Scott                        Ft Campbell                          4th

Kevin Kriz                             Ft Campbell                          5th


Short – Female

  Madison Witzieb                 Ft Campbell                          1st

Kelsey Anderson                  Warren East                          2nd

Machaela Cassidy              Warren East                          3rd

Alexandria Buckles             Daviess County                    4th

Emily Horton                       Daviess County                    5th


Open Results

Option 3

  David Waller                                        117:12                                   49

 Option 2

 Aaron Smith                                         142:38                                   49          

Jeremy Reynolds                                 164.05                                   48

Bruce Moore                                        168:04                                   41

Diane McKim                                       168:58                                   41

Louis Smith                                          163:01                                   39

Martin & Pauline Benzing                 166:46                                   37

Alison Ewart                                         167:31                                   29          

Paul Vice                                               168:13                                   28

Option 1

 Tom Martineau                                   101:20                                   25

Kasey Martineau                                 101:38                                   25          

Judy Martineau                                   101:57                                   25

   Sunday Results:

   We had 20 come out and try the course.  Very strong runs in the Open Class by David Waller, Aaron smith, Bruce Moore and Jeremy Reynolds.  Laurie Bishop was the first woman finisher.  The Army Corp of Engineers Park Personnel really helped us out--just a beautiful location here at Cave Creek.


Aaron Smith                           98:49                   49

David Waller                        126:25                   49 (Lost 20 minutes on misplaced control)

Bruce Moore                        134:13                   49

Jeremy Reynolds                 138:26                   49

Laurie Bishop                       157:14                   49

Jim Ball & Karen Tuell       176:01                   49

Louis Smith                          163:21                   45

Paul Vice                               168:02                   38          

Alison Ewart                         168:04                   38          

Nancy Logan                       168:09                   38

Louis Smith III                    184:26                   37 (Lost 4 points to penalty)

Melissa Medley                    184:58                   32 (Lost 4 points to penalty)

Jacob Copler                        129:19                   29 (Stopped due to knee problem)

Emma Lister                         133:19                   28

Willie MacLean                   133:25                   28

Acris Crabb                           145:16                   27

Robert Reed                         145:19                   27

Carson Torpey                     164:57                   27 (Started 30 minutes late)             

Alison Torpey                       181:28                   21 (Started 30 minutes late)