The day dawned bright and clear, and stayed that way throughout the meet--a perfect day for some of the best orienteers this side of the Mississippi!  We had a great turn out.  Over 100 orienteers made the trip.  A special thanks to the group from the University of Louisville, and also to the JROTC instructors from Apollo High School, Hopkins County Central High School, Madisonville North Hopkins High School, Warren East High School, and Harrison High School for bringing their JROTC cadets.  You guys are the main reason OLOU meets continue to be so successful.    

    The German Ridge forest still suffers from the massive ice storms a few years ago.  The trails are mostly clear, but the fallen trees and limbs make for tough going throughout the park.  The course setters tried to avoid the worst areas, but it's impossible to avoid it all.  The advanced courses were shortened accordingly, but we'll shorten them even more next year.  That said, some pretty good times were turned in. 

    "Whimpy" was used to describe the Red course prior to the meet.  However, it's doubtful that would be the adjective most would use to describe it after running it.  Mike Minium from OCIN led the pack with a respectable time of 77:47.  Shelly Pennington was the quickest lady around the Red in 107:16.

    Kevin Huff, a former cadet from Warren East High School, was first around the Green course in 90:07.  Dakotah Hogan from Hopkins Central was the quickest cadet in 102:02.

    The Brown course was just too long for the condition of the forest.  There were seven runners attempting the course, and only three finished it.  Allie Littlepage from Hopkins Central came in first in a time of 141:00.    

    There were a large number of runners on the Orange course, and the winning times were very close.  Bruce Moore from OLOU led the pack in 65:12.  Johnathan Brittain from Madisonville North Hopkins was the quickest male cadet in a time of 66:45, followed closely by Aaron Storie from Warren East in 67:26.  Elisha Merideth from Warren East was the quickest female cadet around the Orange in 79:06.  Ashley Cruse from Warren East  was the next female cadet in a time of 95:14.  Catherine Shelton, a teacher at Apollo High School, was the quickest female (non cadet) in a time of 89:59. 

    There was also a large turnout for the Yellow course.  The group from the University of Louisville made up a good percentage of the runners, and they did very well.  Eric Wright, the group's instructor, was quickest around the Yellow in 54:56, followed by Jason Bewley, also from U of L in 55:46.  Leland Cox, from Harrison High School, was the first cadet to finish in a time of 61:00.  Summer Kellems, from Harrison High School, was the quickest female in a time of 87:34.   

    There were only 5 runners--all cadets--who attempted the Sprint course.  Guess everyone was worn out from their first course!  Dakotah Hogan, from Hopkins Central, was the quickest male around the course in 26:14.  Elisha Merideth, from Warren East, was the quickest female in 40:29. 

    The complete listing of orienteers and their times are below.


Red Course Club Time
Mike Minium OCIN 77:47
Dan Mattingly OLOU 84:05
Shelly Pennington OLOU 107:16
Koos Hagg OLOU 127:15
Ajith Rajapaksha OLOU 163:36
Helen Hagg OLOU 173:05
Ken Kling OLOU 184:00


Green Course Club Time
Kevin Huff   90:07
Dakotah Hogan HCCHS 102:02
Paul Vice OLOU 116:22
Louie Smith OLOU 120:20
Tommie Book HCCHS 133:05
Jim Carter OLOU 138:20
Cody Garst AHS 142:42
Joshua San Migel AHS 179:32
Ben & Kurt Greenlee OLOU 196:15


Brown Course Club Time
Allie Littlepage HCCHS 141:00
Kaybri Ward AHS 147:14
Frank Smith & Megan Filback   151:14
Erica Cameron AHS DNF
Tyler McDowell AHS DNF
Jaron Embrey HCCHS DNF


Orange Course Club Time
Bruce Moore OLOU 65:12
Johnathan Brittain MNHHS 66:45
Aaron Storie WEHS 67:26
Dustin Riggs MNHHS 71:56
David Conover MNHHS 72:46
Daniel Arnett MNHHS 76:48
Robert Reed   76:58
Elisha Merideth WEHS 79:06
Catherine Shelton AHS (teacher) 89:59
Bobby LaCroix WEHS 90:26
Matt Alford WEHS 94:44
Ashley Cruse WEHS 95:14
John Rose HCCHS 105:05
John Rogers HCCHS 109:05
Brian Barker HCCHS 109:40
Ashley Ralston HCCHS 122:30
Andrew Brod WEHS 123:00
Tatiana Krivokhighina +3 OLOU 127:31
Fools on the Hill (3) OLOU 128:25
Alecia DeClue HHS 132:20
Laci Lashbrook AHS 151:31
William Reed AHS 163:31
Whitney Vance AHS 164:31
Ethan Pool & Aaron Rafferty AHS 165:28
Cody Bennett AHS 166:20
Mark Pearre AHS 168:05
Jefferey Mag AHS DNF
CJ Chappell AHS DNF
Kyle Baker WEHS DNF


Yellow Course Club Time
Eric Wright U of L 54:56
Jason Bewley U of L 55:46
Daniel Serke U of L 56:02
Brian Atchley U of L 56:05
Megan Thomas & Daniel Polter   58:14
Leland Cox HHS 61:00
Richard Tronzo U of L 61:51
James Doncaster U of L 61:52
Andre'a Wyche U of L 61:58
Johnathan Robinson AHS 64:34
Ryan Young HHS 64:54
Tiffany Belcher & Patrick Bowers   65:20
Ash Kinser U of L 67:05
Bill Kinser U of L 67:05
Zack Pierce HHS 70:05
Nathan Travelstead HHS 73:30
Tim & Amanda Vellotla   77:15
Michael Bauer U of L 80:00
Devon Scott U of L 80:10
John McCarthy U of L 81:39
Carolyn Lamka U of L 84:47
Simone Washington U of L 84:47
Dalton Galloway AHS 84:52
Diane McKim   85:00
Summer Kellems HHS 87:34
Pat & Alex Dalrympe   91:18
Samuel Whittington WEHS 98:11
Mary Kate Lindsey U of L 98:29
Brad Atzinger U of L 98:29
Patrick Coughlin HHS 100:21
Justin Randolph HCCHS 107:18
Lyle Graham   109:30
Elayna Coyer HCCHS MP
Matthew Hixson AHS DNF
Alex & Tim Fields   DNF
Jennifer Baker U of L DNF
Christina Boettger HHS DNF
Caleb Stone HHS DNF
Robin Clifton U of L DNF
Kelli Roberts AHS DNF
Zachary Higden AHS DNF


Sprint Course Club Time
Dakotah Hogan HCCHS 26:14
Johnathan Brittain MNHHS 27:20
Elisha Merodeth WEHS 40:29
Allie Littlepage HCCHS 42:49
Tommie Book HCCHS DNF