Results, German Ridge, 12 March 2011


    After several days of heavy rain that had the Ohio River out of its banks, and almost all roads to German Ridge closed, Saturday, 12 March dawned bright and sunny, with not a cloud in the sky.  It had warmed significantly, but the critters (ticks, spiders, mites, etc) had not yet made their appearance-- perfect weather for a nice run through the woods.  

    Burr Paul and Arnie Franklin had set some nice courses that challenged the full range of our runners, from novice all the way thru highly experienced orienteers.  From the blood running down some bare arms as the runners crossed the finish line, it appears that we need to update the "green" areas on the map!!  (I swear the green briers grow overnight!)  

    On the Red course, Dan Mattingly (71:26) edged out a couple runners from OCIN, David Weller (72:25) and Mike Mimium (74:06).  Aaron Storie (Warren East High School) led the high school category in 119:40, followed by Codie Garst (Apollo) in 123:24.

    We had only a few folks attempt the Green.  Austin Neal (Apollo High School) led the way in 117:48.

    We also had limited runners try the Brown.  Kaybri Ward (OLOU) was quickest around the Brown in 69:47.

    On the Orange course, there were several runners vying for the top spot.  Johnathan Brittain (North Hopkins High School) came in first with a time of 65:00.  Dustin Riggs (North Hopkins High School) was a close second in 71:24. 

    On the Yellow course, Warren East High School had the top two finishers.  Dillian Morvel came in first in a time of 42:46, followed by Diquan Williams in 46:05. 

   Complete results follow.



Dan Mattingly                     71:26              OLOU

David Weller                      72:25              OCIN

Mike Minium                      74:06              OCIN

Kevin Huff                          78:19              OLOU

Bruce Moore                      82:35              OLOU

Louis Smith III                    96:00              OLOU

Aaron Storie                       119:40             Warren East HS

Ken Kling                           121:46             OLOU

Codie Garst                        123:24             Apollo HS

Shane Dunn                        126:47             Marshall Univ

Louis Smith                         139:00             OLOU

Elisha Merideth                  150:40             Warren East HS

Brett Stadle                         169:00             Marshall Univ

Ajith Rajapaksha                169:36             OLOU

Shelley Pennington              DQ,lost card   OLOU

Geoff Mitchell                     DQ (OT)         Marshall Univ

Abigal O’Connell                 DQ(OT)          Marshall Univ

Emily Osborne                     DQ(OT)          Marshall Univ

Amy Dowdy                         DQ(OT)          Marshall Univ

Andrew Mewandt                DQ(OT)          Marshall Univ





Austin Neal                          117:48            Apollo HS

Ben Greenlee                       126:00            OLOU

Kurt Greenlee                      128:58            OLOU

C. J. Chappell                      DQ(OT)          OLOU

Trent & Kip McNally           DNF               OLOU




Kaybri Ward                        69:47              OLOU             

Jim Carter                            111:45            OLOU






Johnathan Brittain                  65:00              N. Hopkins HS

Dustin Riggs                           71:24              N. Hopkins HS

A.J. Johnson                           73:02              N. Hopkins HS

Jaron Embrey                         73:24              Hopkins Central HS

Diane McKim                         89:10              OLOU

Stice Frint                               92:22              Warren East HS

Tiffany Royal                         96:06              Hopkins Central HS

Brian Vandriver                     102:42            Hopkins Central HS

Dakotah Hogan                     105:35            Hopkins Central HS

Matt Alford                            115:20            Warren East HS

Freddy Martin                        117:12            N. Hopkins HS

Jefferey Maglinger                117:50            Apollo HS     

L. Nicanov, B. Richardson     124:15            Hopkins Central HS

Danielle Fogle                         126:20            Apollo HS

Taylor Noble                           129:00            Daviess Co. HS

Louis Conter                           129:45            Daviess Co. HS

Catherine Shelton                   158:00            Apollo HS (Instructor)

Joe Heaton                             DQ (OT)        Apollo HS

Alisha Russellberg                 DQ(OT)         Apollo HS

Blake Alvey                            DNF              Apollo HS

Matthew Hixson                     DNF               Apollo HS




Dillian Morvel                         42:46              Warren East HS

Diquan Williams                      46:05              Warren East HS

Joshua Grimes                         47:44              OLOU

D. Kemmerer, J. Gomez         47:49              Harrison HS

Sarah Grimes                           48:23              OLOU

T. Loeser, C. Morton              53:22              Shawnee HS

Jonathan Grimes                     53:58              OLOU

A. Mayes, T. Loeser              56:23              Shawnee HS

Jaquar Masterson                   56:24              Warren East HS

Chief Rogers, Jalyn Rogers   59:23              Hopkins Central HS (Instructor)

Chris Nyhagen                        59:53              Warren East HS (Instructor)

Brennan Hertel                        64:09              OCIN

Johnathan Hendley                  65:18              Daviess Co. HS

Nathan Carlton                        66:25              Warren East HS

Alexis Grimes                          71:40              Warren East HS

Winter Masterson                    72:26              Warren East HS

Heather Merideth                     75:09              Warren East HS

Kacy Anderson                         75:43              Warren East HS

J. Arend, B. Palmer                  82:00              Daviess Co. HS

Tom, Abby, Sam Beck              87:20              OLOU

Andrew Waide                          92:37              Hopkins Central HS

C. Staats, D. Brown                  98:40              Harrison HS

Johnathan Robinson                 100:25            Apollo HS

Bryson Eply                               111:04            Apollo HS

Larry Tolhurst, Sue Milburn     132:50            OLOU

Jordan & Skyler Hertel             MP                OCIN

Brandon Alvey                           DG(OT)        Apollo HS

Brandon Raymond                     DNF              Hopkins Central HS