Results, Camp Crooked Creek, 10 Jan 09

    Ken Kling did an excellent job as a 1st time meet director, setting excellent courses that challenged everyone.  About 80 runners braved the elements (a steady rain thru noon, light drizzle thereafter) that made the hills and re-entrants doubly slick and muddy.  We used electronic punching on all courses for this meet (a first for OLOU), which significantly simplified the start/finish/posting of results.    

    Dan Mattingly vetted the course, and was the quickest (58:59) on the Red, followed closely (13 seconds) by Koos Haag.  The high school team of Herrera and Miller had a respectable time of 1:33:52.

    Gary Bozeman, from North Hopkins HS, completed the Orange in 1:00:45, followed by Tommy Book, from Hopkins Central HS, in 1:06:57.  Lainy Barrick, from Madison Southern HS, was the only female on the Orange.  She completed the course in 1:30:19.  Jim Carter vetted the course before the official start of the meet, and finished in 1:27:53.

    Cadets from Madison Southern HS dominated the male runners on the Yellow course.  The top 6 finishers were all from that school, with Patrick Miller leading the pack with a winning time of 35:43.  All three female runners on the Yellow were from Hopkins Central.  Allie Littlepage led these young ladies, with a time of 40:52.  Eric Hallstrom vetted the course, and was the quickest in the Open division in a time of 36:37.

    The complete listing of all finishers can be found below.  

    Click here for split times.  (For those new to the world of electronic punching, this printout provides the time it took you to get to each control.  Also, you can compare your split times with other competitors.) 



Camp Crooked CreekSun 1/11/2009 11:52 AM
Resultscreated by OE2003 � Stephan Kr�mer 2008

   Pl   Stno Name                         YB Club                             Time 

Open Red Course  (14)     5.2 km  240 m   15 C    

    1        Mattingly, Dan                  OLOU OLOU                       58:59 
    2        Haag, Koos                      OLOU OLOU                       59:12 
    3        Boll, Robert                    OLOU OLOU                     1:15:56 
    4        Pennington, Shelley             OLOU OLOU                     1:19:13 
    5        Hamilton, Mary                  OLOU OLOU                     1:35:56 
    6        Rajapaksha, Ajith               OLOU OLOU                     1:53:06 
    7        Adkins, Phil                    OLOU OLOU                     1:56:28 
    8        LeMay, Russ                     OLOU OLOU                     1:59:54 
    9        Smith, Louis                    OLOU OLOU                     2:06:20 
   10        Clark/Stone                     OLOU OLOU                     2:18:05 
   11        Greenlee/Greenlee/Greenl        OLOU OLOU                     2:23:55 
   12        Tabor/Hicks/Tabor/Hick          OLOU OLOU                     3:07:23 

             Burke/Burke                     OLOU OLOU                          mp 
             Vice, Paul                      OLOU OLOU                          mp 

High School Red  (1)      5.2 km  240 m   15 C    

    1        Herrera/Miller                  BGHS Bowling Green            1:33:52 

JV Boys  (18)             3.0 km  80 m   17 C     

    1        Miller, Patrick                 MSHS Madison Southern HS        35:43 
    2        Adams, Chris                    MSHS Madison Southern HS        40:33 
    3        Sparks, Jonathan                MSHS Madison Southern HS        43:58 
    4        Thomas, Antoine                 MSHS Madison Southern HS        44:32 
    5        Lake, Matt                      MSHS Madison Southern HS        45:42 
    6        Thompson, Grant                 MSHS Madison Southern HS        47:10 
    7        Murray/Paul/Ransdell/Fan        t4412 Troop 4412                55:25 
    8        Randolph, Justin                HCC Hopkins Co Central          56:49 
    9        Isaacs, Brandon                 MSHS Madison Southern HS        58:14 
   10        Haun/wrkman/Bruner/Grn          t4412 Troop 4412              1:04:48 
   11        Rogers, Nick                    MSHS Madison Southern HS      1:06:05 
   12        Yates/Cooper/Hickel/Albi        t4412 Troop 4412              1:08:26 
   13        Thomas/Recter/Miller            BGHS Bowling Green            1:09:32 
   14        Morman, Jason                   MSHS Madison Southern HS      1:11:38 
   15        Beck/McMillian                  BGHS Bowling Green            1:13:03 
   16        Embry, Jason                    HCC Hopkins Co Central        1:38:32 
   17        Ransdell/Broa/mi/Dow/pr/        t4412 Troop 4412              1:44:10 

             Reynolds, Brandon               MSHS Madison Southern HS           mp 

JV Girls  (3)             3.0 km  80 m   17 C     

    1        Littlepage, Allie               HCC Hopkins Co Central          40:52 
    2        Daugherty, Andrea               HCC Hopkins Co Central        1:36:45 
    3        Ralston, Ashley                 HCC Hopkins Co Central        1:42:09 

Varsity Boys  (8)         3.9 km  155 m   14 C    

    1        Bozeman, Gary                   MNNHS Madisonville North  Hop 1:00:45 
    2        Book, Tommie                    HCC Hopkins Co Central        1:06:57 
    3        Hogan, Dakotah                  HCC Hopkins Co Central        1:16:58 
    4        Crick, Joseph                   HCC Hopkins Co Central        1:17:57 
    5        Crick, Robert                   HCC Hopkins Co Central        1:19:22 

             Brittain, Johnathan             MNNHS Madisonville North  Hop      mp 
             Arnett, Daniel                  MNNHS Madisonville North  Hop      mp 
             Schuknect, Austen               MNNHS Madisonville North  Hop      mp 

Varsity Girls  (1)        3.9 km  155 m   14 C    

    1        Barrick, Lainy                  MSHS Madison Southern HS      1:30:19 

Open Yellow Course  (4)   3.0 km  80 m   17 C     

    1        Hallstrom, Eric                 OLOU Louisville                 36:37 
    2        Hamilton, Jeff                  OLOU OLOU                       39:30 
    3        Logan/Ewart                     OLOU OLOU                     1:18:50 
    4        Higgins, Dann                   OLOU OLOU                     1:28:28 

Open Orange course  (1)   3.9 km  155 m   14 C    

    1        Carter, Jim                     OLOU Louisville               1:27:53