Results, Bernheim Forest, 17 October 09

    Cooler weather has finally arrived in Kentucky, and with it comes the beauty of leaves as they change from their summer green to their fall yellows and reds.  The scenery has never been better than it was for the OLOU meet held at Bernheim Forest on 17 October, 2009.  The rains that have been with us for the last few months finally let up, and the sun even showed it's face late in the day.  All in all, a beautiful day for a run through the woods.

    Rich Mazzoli and Jim Carter put on a GREAT meet, and as you can see by the extensive results listed below, the attendance was superb.  We had several JROTC units that made the trip, bringing lots of energetic cadets.  Thanks to all the JROTC instructors who gave of their time to give their cadets the opportunity to participate in our meet.  We saw lots of potential in the cadets, and hope to see them at all our future meets.  Now for the results:

    Red Open:  OLOU's Dan Mattingly led the way around a very good Red Course in a time of 57:07.  He was pushed and pulled around the course by OCIN's Mike Minium, who finished in 60:08.

    Green Open:  It was nice to see Kevin Huff back at one of our meets.  A former cadet from Warren East High School, Kevin cruised around the Green Course in 1:12:53.  Burr Paul was a close second in 1:35:33.

    Brown Open:  Jeff and Mary Hamilton smoked around the Brown Course in 54:35.

    Orange Open:  Carson Torpey led the way around the Orange Course in a time of 1:21:00, followed by Catherine Shelton of Apollo High School in a respectable 1:33:38.  Catherine is a teacher at Apollo and attends our meets as the female chaperon for Col Paul.  Rather than sit on the bus and twiddle her thumbs, she decided to give orienteering a try.  She's doing GREAT.  GO GIRL!!

    Yellow Open:  Paul Vice was quickest around the Yellow Course in a time of 1:15:33.  The Blair family followed in 1:48:00.

    Sprint Open:  We had several folks run the Sprint after running their regular course.  Koos Hagg was seen leaving a rooster tail of water as he blasted around the Sprint in a very quick 8:23!  Mike Minium gave him a run for his money in 13:34.

    Here are the High School results:

    Green HS Boys:  Apollo High School had the only male runners on this course.  Josh San Miguel led the way in a time of 51:12, followed by Steven Luttrell in 54:23.

    Brown HS Girls:  We had two runners in this category, with neither finishing the course.

    Orange HS Boys:  There were a large number of runners in this category, and the quickest times were very close.  Caleb Stovall from Apollo High School led the way in 1:00:32, and was closely followed by Tommie Book from Hopkins Central High School in 1:01:57.

    Orange HS Girls:  Allison Underwood from North Bullitt High School was quickest with a time of 1:08:57.  Erica Cameron from Apollo High School was second in 1:47:33.

    Yellow HS Boys:  This was another large group of runners.  Zachary Casey from Southern High School was quickest in a time of 33:35.  Right on his heals was Aaron Storie from Warren East High School in 34:34.

    Yellow HS Girls:  Caitlin Montgomery from North Bullitt High School made it around the course in 42:43, followed by Heanna Flynn from Warren East High School in 1:13:23.

      Yellow HS Groups:  The team of Wyatt/Fugate from Southern High School made it around the course in 45:36.  They were followed by Gleaves/Currie/Taylor/Br from Bowling Green High School in 1:25:19.

Here are the complete results:

Yellow Open
1 Paul Vice OLOU 1:15:33
2 Blair Family OLOU 1:48:00
3 Alison Tropey OLOU 2:07:40
4 Lyle Graham OLOU 2:48:44
5 Elijah McMahon OLOU 3:14:33
Mang/Mang OLOU mp
Orange Open
1 Carson Torpey OLOU 1:21:00
2 Catherine Shelton AHS 1:33:38
3 Ewart/Graham/Logan OLOU 1:34:58
4 Tatiana Krivokhizhina OLOU 1:50:39
5 Frank Smith AHS 1:59:15
6 Barry Bridges OLOU 2:21:05
Brown Open
1 Jeff/Mary Hamilton OLOU 54:35
Chris Gerstle OLOU mp
Rebecca O'Bryan OLOU mp
Sprint Open
1 Koos Hagg OLOU 8:23
2 Mike Minium OCIN 13:34
3 Dan Mattingly OLOU 13:40
4 Michael Willis WEHS 15:38
5 Helen Hagg OLOU 15:54
6 Mary Hamilton OLOU 16:44
7 Bobby Lacroix WEHS 18:42
8 Elisha Meredith WEHS 29:17
9 Dianne McKim OLOU 34:41
Andrew Brod WEHS mp
Kelsey McKim OLOU mp
Kailyn Beal OLOU mp
Joe Lomax OLOU mp
Green HS Boys
1 Josh San Miguel AHS 51:12
2 Steven Luttrell AHS 54:23
3 Cody Garst AHS 56:36
4 Tyler McDowell AHS 1:59:51
Ethan Poole AHS mp
Yellow HS Boys
1 Zachary Casey SHS 33:35
2 Aaron Storie WEHS 34:34
3 Ethan Mizell NBHS 37:25
4 Brandon Smith MNHHS 39:12
5 Woodson Locke MNHHS 40:24
6 Montana Lease NBHS 42:45
7 Andy Ferfecki MNHHS 43:41
8 David Conover MNHHS 48:04
9 Jefferey Maglinger AHS 50:30
10 Kurtis Smith MNHHS 51:55
11 James Devine SHS 53:51
12 James Casey SHS 58:02
13 Dalton Galloway AHS 1:00:10
14 Lawrence Nelson NBHS 1:01:45
15 Nick Henderson NBHS 1:04:26
16 Jeremy Cole NBHS 1:04:27
17 Dakota Pike NBHS 1:05:09
18 Russell Anderson NBHS 1:06:31
19 Daniel Buchanan NBHS 1:08:55
20 Connor Wooley NBHS 1:08:58
21 Andrew Brod WEHS 1:09:36
22 CJ Chappell AHS 1:10:08
23 Cory Shackelford NBHS 2:16:06
Justin Greenwell SHS mp
Josh Brown MNHHS mp
Orange HS Boys
1 Caleb Stovall AHS 1:00:32
2 Tommie Book HCHS 1:01:57
3 Eric Davidson NBHS 1:08:22
4 Neal Austin AHS 1:10:02
5 Cameron Deacon NBHS 1:10:41
6 Matt Dugan NBHS 1:12:53
7 Jaron Embrey HCHS 1:14:35
8 Bobby Lacroix WEHS 1:18:12
9 Daniel Arnett MNHHS 1:23:02
10 Dustin Riggs MNHHS 1:24:57
11 Clayton Beck BGHS 1:47:13
12 Taylor Tengle BGHS 1:47:17
13 Gabe Baker BGHS 1:48:29
14 Sam Thomas BGHS 1:51:00
15 Kyle Baker WEHS 1:55:06
Chase Everly AHS mp
Matt Stephens WEHS mp
Michael Willis WEHS mp
Brown HS Girls
CJ Holton AHS mp
Rebecca O'Bryan AHS mp
Yellow HS Girls
1 Caitlin Montgomery NBHS 42:43
2 Heanna Flynn WEHS 1:13:23
3 Ashley Cruse WEHS 1:13:27
4 Ashley Alsup AHS 1:27:31
5 Brittany Stinson AHS 1:29:37
6 Melanie McElwain NBHS 1:53:04
Jessica O'Bryan AHS mp
Marie Lomax AHS mp
Ashley Ralston HCHS mp
Orange HS Girls
1 Allison Underwood NBHS 1:08:57
2 Erica Cameron AHS 1:47:33
3 Elisha Merideth WEHS 1:47:45
4 Whitney Vance AHS 1:52:00
5 Laci Lashbrook AHS 1:53:53
Tiffany Royal HCHS mp
Green Open
1 Kevin Huff OLOU 1:12:53
2 Burr Paul AHS 1:35:33
Shannon Burke OLOU mp
Yellow HS Group
1 Wyatt/Fugate SHS 45:36
2 Gleaves/Currie/Taylor/Br BGHS 1:25:19
Red Open
1 Dan Mattingly OLOU 57:07
2 Mike Minium OCIN 60:08
3 Robert Boll OLOU 69:06
4 Koos Hagg OLOU 74:45
5 Eric Hallstrom OLOU 76:44
6 Adam White OLOU 78:38
7 David Waller OLOU 91:24
8 John Thomas OLOU 98:21
9 Milav Duske OLOU 100:00
10 Derrich/Bob Stauble OLOU 105:35
11 Mary Lamb OLOU 128:09
12 Tom Lamb OLOU 130:29
13 Klari Cechova OLOU 132:08
14 Tim Galls OLOU 132:08
15 Ajith OLOU 137:38
16 Helen Hagg/Matt Mueller OLOU 150:17
17 Ken Kling OLOU 160:25
18 Andy Higgins OLOU 179:51
19 Patrick Torpey OLOU mp