Results, 2015 Sprint Chase the Rabbit, 1 Sept 2015

Chase the Rabbit/Bunny was designed to be a Sprint meet to level out the playing field.   The idea was to stagger start based on the average times throughout the Sprint season.   The slowest average times started first, while the fastest average time started last ( Ben King)     Whoever crosses the finish line first wins!   With Ben King doing the math based on what he would do the course in (This was based on an actual time of me running the course ahead of time),  Ben used a formula that was based on what he called the SloCo factor.        Would it work?  It worked out perfectly, actually.  The results are below and you can see how close everyone finished.  Mary Wallace must have had a perfect ( no mistake run) to come up with the big spread of 55 seconds ahead of the next person.  The only problem is that she mispunched the last control.  Diane McKim was the next woman to finish, and then it was discovered that she forgot to go to #14.  So, we have the Rabbit King and Queen couple of Emily Roach and Carson Torpey.    Thanks to Louie Smith who helped with the start and Alison Torpey who handled the registration.   Also thanks to Emily Roach, Chris Gerstle, Ken Kling, Carson Torpey and Ben King for Control pickup.

 Top 3 Men:    Carson Torpey (Rabbit King), Mark Rue, Aaron Smith

Top 3 Women:  Emily Roach (Rabbit Queen), Laurie Bishop, Susan Robinson


0:00 - Mary Wallace  **DQ**
+0:55 - Carson Torpey
+1:13 - Mark Rue
+1:15 - Aaron Smith
+1:16 - Diane McKim  **DQ**
+1:16.2 - Jeremy Smith
+1:18 - Louis Smith III
+1:19 - Emily Roach
+1:27 - Laurie N Branden Bishop
+1:33 - Jasmin El
+1:40 - Marcus Siu
+1:40.3 - Chris Gerstle
+1:42 - Ken Kling
+1:47 - Ben King
+1:57 - Corey Wallace
+2:04 - Susan Robinson
+2:07 - Anne Bainbridge
+3:39 - Emily Sellers
+4:01 - Dan Mattingly
+6:40 - Anthony Fossaluzza
+10:07 - Gaye Holman