Results, 2013 Sprint 9, McNeely Lake Park, 16 July 2013

It was a hot day as expected.  The course was only 1.6km, but it was tricky.  There were route choices to be made on 10 of the 14 legs.   Dan Mattingly took home his first victory of the summer season, using his experience to triumph over the young speedsters.  Dan had the fastest time on only one leg (the short second leg that gave others such a hard time).  Five other competitors “won” a leg:  Aaron Smith (3rd) won 6 legs, while his brother Louis (2nd) won 5.  Ken Kling, Bruce Moore and Chris Gerstile also each won a leg. 


The attackpoint split chart breaks out each leg.


Mary Hamilton finished first in the ladies division with Laurie Bishop in 2nd.



Louis wore the headcam and you can follow his route at this line (I hope);



Louie Smith

Meet Director.

Sprint 1 Course: 13 controls  km

  1 Dan Mattingly                  12:58
  2 Louis Smith III                13:26
  3 Aaron Smith                    14:33
  4 Chris Gerstle                  15:11
  5 Mary Hamilton                  15:23
  6 Bruce Moore                    16:01
  7 Laurie Bishop                  16:20
  8 Ken Kling                      18:55
  9 Jim Carter                     22:30
 10 Joseph Sohler                  25:41
 11 Shannon Ludwig                 25:51
 12 Tai Couch                      26:06
 13 Carson Torpey                  27:05
 14 April Peacock                  28:42
 15 Melissa Medley                 29:05
 16 Diane McKim                    29:09
 17 Courtney Couch                 36:16
    Jeremy Smith                   DNF
    Mrs Smith                      DNF
    Carl Christy       Given wrong map