As dusk approached, and after the runners had recovered from the earlier Sprint, OLOU's night-0 began.  

The competitors began their run at 9:00PM, with a 10:15PM finish time.  Nineteen runners headed out into the spreading dark in search of the controls scattered over the park grounds.

Less than 45 minutes later, the first headlamp came into view of the finish line.  Koos Hagg, who had earlier won the sprint, dashed to the finish line, having cleaned the course in 44:09.  About 15 minutes later, Dan Mattingly arrived back, also having found all the controls.  Overall, 4 teams found all the controls.

A total of 65 points were possible.  The late penalty was 1 point/minute for the first 10 minutes, and 5 points/minute after that.  Ties were broken by finish time. 

The results:

Participant Points Time
Koos Hagg 65 44:09
Dan Mattingly 65 58:42
Robert Boll 65 1:02:01
Russ Lemaly 65 1:09:41
Alison & Paul Vice 59 1:06:48
Carson, Alison, & Lucy Torpey 56 1:14:48
Will Jacoby, Ken Kling, & Rivera 55 1:09:00
Shelly Pennington 55 1:25:45
Mary Hamilton & Helen Hagg 53 1:05:21
Laura Ferguson 53 1:13:01
Steve Grimse 19 9 penalty pts
Joey Goldsmith & Brian 17 25 penalty pts