Mystery-0, 25 July 09

The mystery O  -  "Blood on the Control" started at 11:30 with a scene that set the table for what was to follow.   The final scene of the first act revealed a few controversies and culminated in the discovery of    -   A Murder!


A 15 minute intermission allowed the participants to talk to the characters to see what they could discover.


The second act opened up with the appearance of Chief Jim "Bull" Carter (played by Erica Goldsmith), who enlisted the club members in helping him solve the murder.  Several other scenes were played out around the park.  Tthere were also clues scattered around the park that the "investigators" had to find and analyze.  The final scene of the investigation phase was the coroner's report, with the coroner nicely played by Erica's husband, Joey.


After this, the 'investigators' turned in their reports. 


The final scene featured Chief Carter revealing the murderer.


After the killer was lead away, we examined the solution cards turned in by the 'investigators".   The following people correctly identified the guilty party and were awarded with prizes including tickets to Derby Dinner Theater as well as gift certificates to the Trail Store, Boromeo's Pizza and Old Hickory Pit Restaurant.


Michelle Johnson, Colleen Mooney, Bobby Edrington, Tammy House,  Jeff House, Dan Mattingly, Brandon Bishop, Jared House, Jordan House, Erica Goldsmith, Joey Goldsmith and Jim Carter (as Reginald Clive Edward Philips IV, Duke of Shannandoah).


Thanks go out to the cast, who did a marvelous job.


So, Who Killed Stony Ground?


You shudda been there.