Mountain Bike Orienteering Competition, Cherokee Park, 14 August 2010


The start will be at the Soccer Field at Cherokee Park.


The start time is set at 10am but the event will have start times that are staggered so that you should be able to show up anytime between 10am and 11am and still be able to participate in the event. 

Orienteering Louisville (OLOU) will supply all electronic punches and stations to enable time keeping. The maps will also be provided and made by OLOU. Maps are full color and will cover both Seneca and Cherokee Parks.

If you are not familiar with Orienteering and specific Mountain Bike Orienteering, please go to the International Orienteering Mountain Bike Page for rules and a description of what it is.

Parking might be limited.  Ride to the start if possible.




 All MTN Bikers will be charged a fee of $7 for the event. This covers maps and equipment and park usage fees. 


This event will be a point to point competition. That means you must go to the control points in the order specified on the map or you will be disqualified.   


All bikes must stay on the MTN biking trails, roads, asphalt paths or some open areas. No riding on trails listed as hiking trails.


There will be some zip lock bags available for use but you really would benefit greatly to bring your own map case that you can hang around your neck or a map holder that you put on your handlebars.. You will be referencing your map often.



In the event of rain or muddy trails, we will cancel the event. 


All finishers must report to the finisher and turn in their e-punch. You are responsible for turning these in or you will be charged for them ( about $40). 


We will have 2 different courses set up--one for beginners/moderates and one for intermediate/advanced. 


There are about 10 control points on the beginner course and about 15 on the advanced and will cover from 6 - 20 miles.



All control points will be on trails and you will not need a compass.  GPS units that show your position are not allowed.  The challenge will be in deciding which trail to use to get to the next control point efficiently.



There is no need to register or pay in advance.