The 2008 Lewis & Clark ROGAINE (with a Yellow course for novice orienteers) was a huge success.  The day dawned bright and sunny, and a bit warm for the level of effort that would be required of the participants.  Paul Vice--overall meet director--did a superb job of orchestrating everything that is required to put on a meet of this magnitude.  27 competitors in 10 teams departed the start area at 9:00 AM on their 12-hour adventure through the Bernheim Forest.  At 10:00 AM, 11 adults on 5 teams, and 32 juniors on 11 teams teams flushed for their 4-hour adventure through the woods.  At 10:30 AM,  the Yellow course opened, and 48 runners demonstrated various levels of orienteering skills as they traversed the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. The new electronic punch system was used on the Yellow.  This was the first time that many of the novice runners used this exciting addition to OLOU meets.

    12-hr ROGAINE:  Charlie Shahbazian and Joe Sackett (The Soupbone Expresso team) were the overall champions with 257 points out of a possible 280 points.  They also won the Men's 12-hr Master's division.  Shelley Pennington, Mal Harding, and John Weires (CIOR) won the Mixed Master division with 208 points.  Alison Ewart and Nancy Logan (Fools on the Hill) won the Women's Master division with 36 points.  Robert Boll and Russell Lemay (Crap Weasel Awesome) won the Men's Open division with 222 points.  Sara Dallman and Jack Crawford (Dallman & Crawford) won the Mixed Open division with 199 points.  Complete results for the 12-hr ROGAINE can be found here (.doc) and here (.xls).

    4-hr ROGAINE:  A total of 7 teams returned to the finish area outside the 4-hr time limit, and in some cases, received significant point reductions.  The team of Chris and Kurt Greenlee (The Highlanders) were the overall winner (and winners of the Men's Open division) with 26 points out of a possible 137 points.  Dan Mattingly and Doug Keefe had 56 points, but received 50 penalty points for being 12 mins late!  All three teams in the Mixed Open division were overtime, and each received 0 points..  Koos and Helen Hagg totaled 41 points, but lost all of them for returning 52 mins late!  Steven Luttrell and Josh San Miguel (Apollo #3) won the Men's Junior division with 10 points.  Melissa Shaw and Megan Filback (Apollo Team #1) won the Women's Junior division with 1 point.  Linsey Beaven, Tyler Melton and ? Drechsel (Jeffersonville Team #5) won the Coed Junior division with 8 points.  Jeffersonville Team #6 also scored 8 points, but they were 16 seconds behind Team #5.  Complete results for the 4-hr ROGAINE can be found here (.doc) and here (.xls).          

   Overall, there were 48 runners on the Yellow, broken down into individual runners (JV Girls, JV Boys, Men) and groups.  The winner of the JV Girls was Mary Hamilton of OLOU with a time of 43:36.  This excellent time was good enough to make her the overall winner!  Her Dad, Jeff Hamilton, came in at 45:32--good enough for overall 2nd place.  Jonathan Britten of Madisonville North Hopkins paced the JV Boys with a time of 1:09:58.  David Johnson and young son, Jacob, led the group division with a time of 59:40.  Click here to see a spreadsheet of the electronic results.  Here are the results in all categories on the Yellow course.



1. Mary Hamilton (OLOU) 43:36
2. Kaybri Ward (Apollo) 2:16:20
3. Lacy Lashbrook (Apollo) DNF
4. Jessica Dunn (Apollo) DNF
5. Whitney Vance (Apollo) DNF
6. Erica Cameron (Apollo) DNF



1. Jonathan Britten (North Hopkins) 1:09:58
2. Ethan Poole (Apollo) 1:24:15
3. Joseph Boarman (Apollo) 1:30:19
4. Cody Bennett (Apollo) 1:41:59
5. Cody Garst (Apollo) 1:49:00
6. Josh Creager (Apollo) 1:56:56
7. Michael Horton (Apollo) DNF
8. Zach Wathen (Apollo) DNF
9. CJ Holton (Apollo) DNF



1. Jeff Hamilton (OLOU) 45:32



1. David & Jacob Johnson 59:40
2. Taylor/Ory/Sam/Matthew (Troop 412) 1:21:03
3 Eric Yates/Jerry Ransdell (Troop 412) 1:21:50
4. Jean & Alex Distler (OLOU) 1:26:30
5. Book/Embry/Hogan (Hopkins Central) 1:33:25
6. Graham group 1:38:24
7. Frederick/Schuknect (North Hopkins) 2:04:35
8. Shaulders/Randolph/Whitfield (North Hopkins) 2:13:43
9. Crick/George/Coyer/Ralston (Hopkins Central) 2:17:23
10. Blair family (+ 6) DNF
11. Caulder/Parish (North Hopkins) DNF