2007 Bernheim Forest Meet


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   I want to first thank Bernheim and especially Roger Fauver for allowing us to use the property
and for the help before the meet. When Rich, Arnie and I arrived of Friday morning to set controls
there was no water or electric at the shelter. Within an hour we had both.

   We had a beautiful day setting the controls, I just wish the day of the meet had been as nice.
It rained all night Friday stopping just in time for the meet Saturday. We had a decent turnout
considering the weather. Only six ran the sprint probably due to the length which was my fault. Next
time it will be about 1K shorter I promise.

   Most did well on the white, yellow and orange courses. The red course created a major problem
due to the heavy rains the night before. Though several did manage to finish the course the majority
did not due to high and swift water. What had been a trickle of water on Friday was a flood on
Saturday. All in all most did well if you don't count the control across the raging rapids.

   I want to thank Rich, Arnie, Tim and Paul for help with registration, the start and finish. John
Mann is our hero as he showed up with a crave case of white castles. A big thanks to Mr. Rich,
Arnie, Paul, Allison, Tim and John for control pickup. If I have left anyone out please forgive me.

Jim Carter

1) Louis Smith 42:00
2) Paul Vice 43:15
3) Andrew Thai 75:20 miss punch
4) Chris Burkhead 76:10 miss punch
5) S. Tankersley 79:00 miss punch
6) Nurcan Duran 79:30 miss punch

1) Cheryl Juvkiewicz 44:30
2) Tim Rogers 62:00

1) Ransdell/Vierling 130:00
2) No Name (scouts) 161:00
3) Thomas Fanning 161:00
4) Patrick Fanning 161:00
5) Ben Schoroering 161:00
6) Nurcan Duran DNF

1) Roger Dowden 146:10
2) Unreadable card  156:25
3) Ken/Maurice/Steve 180:00
4) Mike Bowen DNF

1) Dan Mattingly 86:00
2) John Thomas 94:10
3) Dallman/Ross 126:15
4) Robert Boll 126:20
5) Cheryl Juvkiewicz 189:25
6) G. Tankersley DNF
7) Alison/Nancy DNF
8)Nurcan Durak DNF
9) Natalie Hartman DNF
10) P. Rayford DNF
11) Ben Middleton DNF
12) M. Heneker DNF
13) Daniel Sturdevant DNF
14) Erie Wright DNF
15) Erika Highight DNF
16) Andrew Thai DNF
17) Kesha Kraemer DNF
18) Emma Blue DNF
19) Chris Burkhead DNF
20) J. Ward DNF
21) Paul Vice DNF

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